Even though we are living in uncertain times with uncertain futures, one thing that will hopefully endure the coronavirus pandemic is the new normal for washing hands.

My doctors over the years have said good handwashing practices are the first defense in avoiding all kinds of bad stuff like foodborne pathogens, airborne and contact viruses, germs in the dirt, etc. Why do you think every parent from Ward and June Cleaver to your very own folks have always been so persistent about washing your hands before eating and after playing in the garden dirt, feeding the dog, or sculpting the contents mud puddles? To remove germs is the answer.

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Too many people think as they age they become resistant to germs and don’t have to wash their hands as often as kids do because they don’t touch the disgusting things children touch. Seriously? Do I even have to go there? Get real. 

Just because you are a healthy adult, you  don’t have a magic force field against coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2.

Handwashing is for everybody, for all occasions and it’s one size fits all. No matter who you are the method for effective handwashing is shown in the diagram next to these words you’re reading.

If the step-by-step graphic doesn’t hold your attention, I’m sure one of the below links will catch your eye. 

Neil Diamond — The great singer-songwriter Neil Diamond offers a basic, heartfelt message that will inform and uplift you.

Professor Jeff Farber — From the University of Guelph’s Department of Food Science, offers tips for safe grocery store shopping amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — It’s not a Hollywood production, but this video can be shown to anyone in any setting. It is age-appropriate for all groups and has a straightforward demonstration of proper handwashing techniques.

Kate Winslet — This mega-star doesn’t try to mislead viewers about her scientific knowledge. She freely admits she knows what she knows about handwashing from researching with scientists for her role in “Contagion.” This compelling video has one of the best explanations ever about why it’s important to use soap and how it works. 

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