The pubic is the primary loser of last month’s decision by the Conference of Food Protection (CFP) to cancel the proposed re-establishment of the Hand Hygiene Committee, an issue advocated by The Center for Foodborne Illness Research and Prevention (CFI). The biennial meeting, in Houston, TX, took

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Food Safety Education Month

As students, parents and caretakers adjust to a physical return to classrooms this fall, the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reminds families to follow food safety practices to prevent foodborne illness when it comes to preparing frozen foods.

After a year of virtual learning, households
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PHOENIX — Many people say a huge part of the burden of food safety depends on consumers, but a key takeaway from a session here today was that consumers can’t practice what they haven’t been taught. The presentation was part of the annual meeting of the International Association for Food
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The CDC states that the death-dealing virus that causes COVID-19 spreads predominantly from person to person (P>P). A deeper dive into assessing this transmission route — and its presence in the food industry — may help sharpen intervention tactics.

This assessment starts with a look at an infected person’s
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Lost in the clutter of Millennial trend tracking and menu minutia is the reality of restaurant risk related to poor handwashing. This is a no-fault failure as there are no operational standards, no rewards or discipline, no behavior changing help from the Model Food Code, and no supporting research.
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A systematic review has been unable to establish the proportion of food poisoning cases in the United Kingdom caused by food preparation and handling practices within consumers’ homes.

Such estimations would help focus further research, interventions and food safety messages between domestic and other settings. The Chartered Institute of Environmental
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