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Jim Mann is the founder and Executive Director of the Handwashing For Life® Institute and The Handwashing Leadership Forum®. His work to reduce the risk of foodborne and person-to-person illness spans a career from deli and cafeteria experience to work as a product development chemist. He formulated leading brands in skin care, surface disinfection, pest control, foodservice and healthcare sanitizing systems. His work has been as global as the war on virus and bacteria, working on six continents while living in three. Jim’s latest addition to the industry’s Best Practices is the "Hands-On System". This integrated process control for hand hygiene is enjoying documented success in foodservice, healthcare and schools across the USA, Canada, South Africa and the UK. Jim was honored as a recipient of NSF's prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.


The pubic is the primary loser of last month’s decision by the Conference of Food Protection (CFP) to cancel the proposed re-establishment of the Hand Hygiene Committee, an issue advocated by The Center for Foodborne Illness Research and Prevention (CFI). The biennial meeting, in Houston, TX, took

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The CDC states that the death-dealing virus that causes COVID-19 spreads predominantly from person to person (P>P). A deeper dive into assessing this transmission route — and its presence in the food industry — may help sharpen intervention tactics.

This assessment starts with a look at an infected person’s
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Lost in the clutter of Millennial trend tracking and menu minutia is the reality of restaurant risk related to poor handwashing. This is a no-fault failure as there are no operational standards, no rewards or discipline, no behavior changing help from the Model Food Code, and no supporting research.
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Frank Yiannas, nearing completion of his first year as FDA’s Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response, opened the 2019 Food Safety Consortium Conference recently in Schaumburg, IL. This was his third time to present at the event. His first two were while serving as Walmart’s global vice president
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Editor’s note: Jim Mann, founder and chief scientific officer for the Handwashing For Life Institute, will be at Booth 136 at the Food Safety Summit, May 6-9, at Rosemont Convention Center in suburban Chicago.


The magic element is employee engagement.

The top 100 restaurant chains have good trainers but
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logo APICThe 44th annual conference of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control brought together an international array of expertise to the convention center in Portland, OR.

Presentations and an abundance of creative posters were shared, each primarily based on unique experiences. Many sessions covered the importance of kitchens and food
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