Organic Pastures Dairy Company was founded in 2000 and changed its business name to Raw Farm in 2020. Here is a brief history of raw milk and raw milk products that the company has recalled or had linked to outbreaks. 
Started OPDC in 2000
Changed name to Raw Farm LLC in 2020

Organic Pastures Dairy Company Recalls and Outbreaks
September 2006 Raw Milk E.coli Outbreak: 6 ill/2 HUS
September 2007 Raw Cream Listeria Recall
December 2007 Raw Milk Campylobacter Outbreak: 8 ill
September 2008 Raw Cream Campylobacter Recall
November 2011 Raw Milk E.coli Outbreak: 5 ill/3 HUS
May 2012 Campylobacter Raw Milk/Cream Outbreak: 10 ill, reported illnesses from Jan. thru April
October 2015 Campylobacter Raw Milk Recall
January 2016 E.coli Raw Milk Outbreak: 9 ill/2 HUS

Raw Farm LLC Recalls and Outbreaks
May 2023 Campylobacter Raw Milk Recall
August 2023 Salmonella Cheese Recall
October 2023 Salmonella Raw Milk Outbreak (ongoing investigation)
San Diego County—12 illnesses
Orange County—7 illnesses

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