Dear Editor,

In relation to your recent story, ‘Microenterprise home kitchens’ look for food safety exemptions in Washington, I live in Missouri. In the St Louis area we have rentable fully equipped commercial kitchens so the entrepreneurs can work in an environment where they learn the right way to do things, are available to health inspections, and conform to all the food safety requirements. This is a far better option to keep public safety than allowing home kitchens.

Rates are affordable. Generally a minimum of four hours at $20 to $25 an hour.

An example is The Creative Cookery. They were the last one I used before retiring and selling my business to one of the chef’s who was also a user of the shared kitchen.

One thing a small emerging business needs is contact with others who are trying to do similar things. You can help each other and learn from each. Before I retired I was a presenter who often did presentations to other small business owners for the local SBA.

Anyway, I thought this option was missing from your article on home kitchens.

— Laura Bozzay

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