An Oklahoma woman has sued Taco Bell, alleging that contaminated food it served caused her to become very ill with Salmonella infection.

The 22-year-old Cleveland County resident said in her complaint that she ate at a Taco Bell restaurant on Nov. 3, 2011.  Two days later, on a Saturday, she began suffering from painful abdominal cramps and multiple bouts of diarrhea, including while she was attending a University of Oklahoma football game.

After developing bloody diarrhea the following day, she was treated at an emergency clinic and later had to seek medical attention several more times as her condition continued to worsen.

The woman’s symptoms persisted for about two weeks, causing her to miss several days of work.

A stool specimen tested positive for the outbreak strain of Salmonella Enteritidis, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said infected at least 68 individuals in 10 states.

Outbreak cases were confirmed in Texas, where 43 people were sickened, and in Oklahoma, where 16 people were infected.  Kansas reported two outbreak cases while Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio and Tennessee each reported one.

Although the CDC has identified the likely source of the widespread outbreak only as “Mexican-style fast food restaurant Chain A,” both the Oklahoma State Department of Health and the Michigan State Department of Health disclosed that the suspect food was traced to Taco Bell.

The woman is being represented by the law firm Beeler, Walsh & Walsh in Oklahoma City and by the law firm Marler Clark in Seattle.  Marler Clark sponsors Food Safety News.

  • I flew to chicago from phx az, for a nice 5 day vacation with my girlfriend in lake geneva wisconsin, as I got off the plane and she pick me up at o’hare airport we started headingt north for an ta hour, I was hungry so we stopped at a taco bell in palatine on northwest highway, my girlfriend , we went through the drive thru i ordered an extra large beefy big burrito my girlfriend ordered a taco, we imediately ate it on the drive up, by the time we got to lake geneva about an hour later, I felt like my stomach was a balloons ready to burst, I took a nap for a couple hours with my girlfriend, she ate her taco and she had 1 bite of my burrito, when we got up from our nap I felt terrible like I was going to explode and she was feeling not too good either, about 15 minutes later I threw up terribly and didn’t stop all night, in the morning I called my doctor and he gave me a prescriptio,n by the end of the first day, and beginning of the second day the diarrhea started like never before, and that wasnt I was down in bed all 5 days of my vacation, I continued to have trouble for 2 weeks after , I lost 12 pounds, I reported it to the cook county health board and taco bell, and of course they’re insurance called took a statement and basically said I was wrong I wasn’t poisoned by taco bell! bullshit! I’ve had food poisoning 3 * before in my life and I know what it is! one and a half weeks after her incident also, she
    developed severe diarrhea for 2 days. we are both better now but I feel taco bell owes me for the time off and money spent my vacation wronged of my vacation thanks to taco bell, I feel that taco bell owes me for my days down and my flight fare, if anybody read this and has any information that would be useful for me to proceed with this I would appreciate it thank you