Too bad the Taco Bell worker was not already vaccinated.

The Snohomish County Health Department has identified a case of hepatitis A that occurred in a food worker who worked at two Taco Bell locations: 2727 Broadway in Everett and 303 91st Ave NE in Lake Stevens.

Anyone who ate

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Health officials in Snohomish County, WA, are warning people who ate at two Taco Bell locations to monitor themselves for signs of hepatitis A infections and get vaccinated if they are not already.

“People who ate food from the Taco Bell at 2727 Broadway on May 22-23 or the Taco

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I must admit, in 30 years of doing food safety, I seldom recall a health department withholding from the public the source of an outbreak – even Norovirus.

I am reminded by a story some 10 years ago – After Food Safety News broke the story that

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An “undetermined amount” of seasoned beef produced by Kenosha Beef International for Taco Bell was recalled late Monday, and by early Tuesday, identified as 2 million pounds of meat that was bound for the fast food restaurant’s outlets across the country.

Some of the beef is still within the window
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Editor’s Note: This opinion piece by Bill Marler was first published in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser on Aug. 7. In a state dependent on tourism, foodservice workers should be vaccinated against Hepatitis A. My bet is Baskins-Robbins, Sushi Shiono, Taco Bell, Costco, Chili’s, Hawaiian Airlines and Tamashiro Market would now agree.
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