Complaints of food poisoning, allergic reactions and foreign bodies in food could increase by more than half during the holidays this December, according to Food Alert.

The company, which provides food safety and health and safety services, software and training to businesses, found the number of food complaints received during
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A consumer has reported an allergic reaction to “made-in-house” pesto sauce sold in Whole Foods Market stores in North America. The grocery chain has recalled two products in five states as a result.

The chain is recalling “specialty made-in-house basil pesto” and “specialty made-in-house sundried tomato pesto” because the products
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Testing of some dark chocolate in New Zealand following a consumer’s allergic reaction has found high levels of undeclared milk protein, which is a known allergen. Ten recalls have been issued so far associated with the imported dark chocolate. Some products were being sold as dairy-free.

The Ministry for Primary
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A New Jersey company is recalling certain jars of Victoria brand marinara sauce after receiving a consumer complaint of an allergic reaction. 

The company, B&G Foods of Parsippany, NJ, posted its recall with the Food and Drug Administration, reporting that an internal investigation revealed the possibility of undeclared cashew nut
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At least one person has had an allergic reaction after eating Stacy’s brand pita chips that contained undeclared milk. Federal law requires specific label language on foods that include ingredients that have been designated as known allergens.

Frito-Lay, a division of multi-national giant PepsiCo, initiated a recalled “after it was
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Following at least three deaths, the United Kingdom government has launched a consultation — referred to as a public comment period in the United States — on food allergen labeling laws.

Outlets selling pre-packaged food directly for sale could be required to follow new rules. An estimated 2 million people
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Two people in England died after having allergic reactions linked to eating at Pret A Manger in different incidents.

Celia Marsh, 42, from Wiltshire, died in December 2017 after eating a “super-veg rainbow flatbread” which should have been dairy free.

Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, 15, died after eating a baguette from the
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