Amos Miller is to appear in a Pennsylvania state court on Feb. 29.  Until then, Miller, his wife, and various businesses are prohibited  from producing or selling raw milk and raw milk products because of their ”immediate and irreparable injury.”

The order by state Judge Thomas Sponaugie grants the request of the Pennsylvania Attorney General, who has a pending civil action before the court to permanently prevent Miller and his business enterprises from selling raw milk and other unregulated products because he is endangering public health.

The judge’s order also requires Miller and his businesses to permit the State Department of Agriculture complete access to his records and test products.

Miller further must notify his customers that his products were traced to two recent foodborne illnesses. Further, the judge ordered him to notify his customers that raw milk collected from Miller’s farm on Jan. 4 under a search warrant tested positive for Listeria.

The attorney general has charged Miller with violating several state food safety laws.

Miller was the defendant in a federal civil action brought after 2016 by the Department of Justice (DOJ) on behalf of USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS). The federal citation ended with Miller and his attorney signing a lengthy Consent Decree 2023 that promises compliance. It remains enforced.

Miller’s raw milk in 2016 was found to be genetically similar to the bacteria in two listeriosis cases, including a death case.

For a time in federal court, Miller claimed he was not subject to federal  jurisdiction because he was a “sovereign citizen.”

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