The latest posting on long-time persistent violative raw milk seller Amos Miller illustrates at least two costs of permitting litigants to abuse legal process: 1. It purports to allow illegal interstate commerce in a prohibited dangerous product, raw milk. 2. perhaps even more problematic it makes a mockery of public

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The Lancaster judge overseeing the Amos Miller civil trial case has decided not to explicitly restrict the Amish farmer’s out-of-state sales, saying he won’t hold the ambiguous nature of Pennsylvania law against Miller.

The result is Miller might be free to sell his raw milk produced in Pennsylvania out of

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Whether it was in federal court or, as now, state court, Amos Miller has delivered like one of those old Sunday morning serial cartoons.

Pennsylvania’s Attorney General thinks Miller, like everybody else, should comply with state raw milk license and permit requirements. Miller does not think so.

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It’s been said that recent outbreaks of illness in the United States are raising renewed concerns about selling and consuming raw milk and raw milk products.

One defense is a federal law prohibiting raw milk product shipment for human consumption across state lines. And FDA regulations prohibit raw milk from

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Late Friday, a state judge gave Pennsylvania farmer Amos Miller an easy exit ramp to his dispute with the Agriculture Department.

Judge Thomas Sponaugle’s March 1 order says that all Miller must do to resolve his legal troubles is apply for a state raw milk permit and commit to the

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Amos Miller makes his first state court appearance tomorrow since the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture searched his farm under a court-issued warrant.

Miller, who claimed so-called “Sovereign Citizen” status as a defense in federal court, must appear at 1:30 p.m. on Feb. 29 before Judge Thomas B. Sponaugle in Pennsylvania’s

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A poll about local perceptions over the Jan. 4 search warrant of Amos Miller’s Pennsylvania farm found 85.3 percent think it was “government overreach.”

But Miller is likely feeling even more warm and fuzzy about $202,460 being raised from his friends and supporters since Jan. 4 toward a current goal

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Amos Miller is to appear in a Pennsylvania state court on Feb. 29.  Until then, Miller, his wife, and various businesses are prohibited  from producing or selling raw milk and raw milk products because of their ”immediate and irreparable injury.”

The order by state Judge Thomas Sponaugie grants the request

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