aussierawmilk_406x250Cold-pressed “raw milk” goes on sale this week in Australia. It uses high pressure processing instead of heat, which the Australian Food Standards Code recognizes as pasteurization. The new process is being called revolutionary in producing milk that is said to be creamy and wholesome. That means the startup company, Made By Cow, can legally sell the product in Australian supermarkets along side milk pasteurized by heat. Cold-pressed raw milk is being called the world’s first safe-to-drink raw milk. It is being marketed as a “cow to bottle” product. Made By Cow’s patented cold-pressure process used water pressure, more like processes typically used in manufacturing juice, not milk. The company insists the cold-pressed process results in a product that is safe for human consumption, but one that will fulfill the tastes of raw milk drinkers. The Made by Cow business model reportedly involves some herd management techniques and hygienic milking practices. It goes quickly from “cow to bottle” as it is compressed with water to eliminate harmful bacteria while keeping “natural ingredients intact.” Made By Cow executives say they are taking the mess out of the dairy process by going back to the industry’s roots. The NSW Food Authority says Made By Cow’s product is not raw milk — although the company’s rollout campaign says on the bottle that it is raw milk. The Food Authority worked with Made By Cow to bring its product to market. Raw milk is banned in Australia in any form. It was available through a “bath milk” loophole until about thee years ago when raw milk was blamed in the death of a toddler. Now even “bath milk”  may be sold only with a “bittering agent” so people won’t drink it by mistake. (To sign up for a free subscription to Food Safety News, click here.)