Kroger and Safeway, the largest retail grocery companies in the U.S., have reportedly agreed not to sell genetically modified salmon. The decision was released Monday by a coalition of food safety, consumer, health and fishing groups. The two grocery chains are now part of more than 9,000 stores across the country that have rejected carrying the GM AquAdvantage® salmon regardless of whether the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approves it for public consumption, which it has not yet officially done. “By making commitments to not sell genetically engineered salmon, Kroger and Safeway have joined the large number of grocery chains, from Trader Joe’s to Target, that have wisely chosen to listen to the majority of consumers who do not want to eat genetically engineered fish,” said Dana Perls, food and technology policy campaigner with Friends of the Earth, a member of the consumer coalition. “Now Costco, Walmart, Albertsons and other retailers need to catch up and provide their customers with what they want: natural, sustainable seafood that isn’t genetically engineered in a lab.” “Today’s announcement by major grocery retailers makes it even more clear that there is no demand for GE salmon,” Wenonah Hauter, executive director of Food & Water Watch, said in a statement. “It’s time for the FDA to deny the application for this unsustainable and unnecessary new genetically engineered food.” Other retail grocers such as Target, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s have also pledged not to sell GMO salmon, and Costco is being pressured to join them. The GMO salmon, developed by MA-based AquaBounty Technologies, contains a growth gene from the Chinook salmon which the company says could allow its GMO salmon to grow to market size in half the time of a conventional Atlantic salmon. FDA has made a preliminary finding that approving AquAdvantage® salmon for human consumption would not have a significant impact on the environment if, as planned, it is raised in tanks away from the ocean. Meanwhile, U.S. consumer reaction to the GMO salmon has been critical and extensive. FDA received more than 1 million public comments asking it not to approve the GMO salmon last year. There have also been concerns raised about the overall effect on wild salmon stocks and the potential interbreeding of wild salmon with GMO salmon.

  • Jane Peters

    This is good news.

  • birdie

    You have to ask yourself why is our own government trying to kill us with Gmo’s and cancer causing additives when they know it’s killing us and our children

    • John Hankwitz

      Where is the objective evidence showing that GMO fish are killing us and our children?

    • Dave

      Our elected officials won’t bite the hand that feeds them. The fact that the MAJORITY of our elected representatives in congress are now millionaires shows they’re getting money elsewhere…..

  • heavyhanded

    Walmart would rather go last, its a pride thing!

  • anthony samsel

    Kroger, Safeway and other chains have no way of knowing if its GE salmon unless its required to be labeled. Currently, farmed salmon may be hazardous to your health, as its fed herbicide contaminated GE corn and soy along with a steady stream of antibiotics.

  • Stan

    Wouldn’t interbreeding be occurring anyways naturally. No ones knows for sure what are the health hazards of GMOs. Looks like it is mere concern at this time without any crude evidence.

    • jhankwitz

      Looks like we’re just speeding up evolution and natural selection a bit to keep pace with population growth. I recall panic articles back in the 50s stating that once the world’s population exceeded 3 billion, there would be massive famine and death worldwide. Things haven’t changed much over the years.

    • RDB

      Stan, You obviously are very uneducated about GMOs and the serious health problems that they can produce, including tumors and cancer. I suggest that you begin reading some of the articles on and other related sites for starters.

    • Bonita

      “No ones knows for sure what are the health hazards of GMOs” Exactly. That is why is SHOULD NOT be in our food. We should keep it OUT until proven perfectly safe (after extensive long term studies) We should NOT keep it in until proven dangerous. Our food system is so messed up.

  • flame

    I can’t speak for any other grocery but I can speak about Safeway from my own personal experience. Safeway has been and might still be one of the supermarkets to substitute one expensive type of fish for another unknown cheaper type of fish. It happened to me on more then one occasion. They Safeway has also sold refrozen packaged fish they knew had been thawed and refrozen on more then one occasion to consumers they knew was un-fresh and unsafe to eat. You could smell the foul fish odor once it was picked up and/or placed in your cart. I would never trust any seafood from any Safeway including that they will stick to their word of not selling GMO Salmon.

  • Karl Haro von Mogel

    This article is incorrect. Safeway did not make any commitments not to source genetically engineered salmon. They actually said that they have no plans to do so, which is not a commitment not to sell it in the future. This is Safeway’s statement:
    “To date, the FDA has not approved any GE salmon for human consumption. Should GE salmon come to market, we are not considering nor do we have any plans to carry GE salmon. The seafood products we offer will continue to be selected consistent with our Responsible Seafood Purchasing Policy, Responsible Sourcing Commitment and our partnership with FishWise.”
    Parse the words. There’s no promise in there. They are simply stating their current lack of plans in that regard.

  • Charlie Ennis

    Right on Kroger, great to hear a major company like this taking an active role in their food they’re supplying.

  • nat

    I remember kroger said ,they would not sell milk with rbgh hormones but they did.I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them

  • Cindy Trautmeyer

    We should genetically engineer tiny humans; needing less food and space. Leave anything else alone as there will be plenty once we are about 5 inches tall.

    Nothing to worry about as our scientists, lawyers and politicians all agree GMOs are safe.

  • Hey I have an idea! Let’s return to the days of yore and farm with horses! Who needs technology?

  • awestra

    GMO salmon is a danger to naturally breeding populations of salmon. If they escape and interbreed, which they will, their quicker breeding/growing cycle will out compete wild salmon. This leads to less genetic diversity and ultimately less adaptability in the wild population. We could inadvertently bring about the extinction of wild salmon and unbalance local ecosystems.

  • We’re putting our salmon fish in danger.

  • Laurie

    If ..they labelled it and all the other GMO foods…then we would be able to choose….unfortunately most of our food….contains GMO’s and additives ( aspartame etc)…and has done for decades!!….Even the seeds we buy for our home-grown vegetables ( Monsanto has bought seed companies..including heirloom varieties) ..the Bees and butterflies are dying and we as a nation are getting sicker and our life expectancy is lower than some other countries…but Monsanto also has a parallel company’ Pharmacia’.. that produces pharmaceuticals…like Ambien…Zolpidem.. Celebrex….
    Wild Salmon is considered a healthy food, farmed Salmon not so good ( they have to give the fish antibiotics etc)..and they do escape into the wild…
    You can download a list of companies that Monsanto has it’s fingers in…it is not for the fainthearted..years and years we have been deceived..

  • catherinekylie

    I think Safeway first has to make sure it competes with indirect rivals like Wal-Mart and Costco. And it shouldn’t take a risky step of market development at this stage. They should make sure firs that they penetrate in the US market. And when they saturate this market, then they should go for market development.