The food industry and our public health agencies have long recognized that they share the same responsibility to protect consumers from unsafe food.  The modern food industry is, however, growing more diverse, dynamic, and complex. making the application of food protection throughout the broad spectrum of operations a challenge
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The disgusting truth about industrial egg production is “it stinks”.  Sanitation in such environments stretches the imagination when you think of a million birds trapped in cages in huge shed-type structures called  “laying houses” and the tons of fecal material produced daily.

While a high degree of cleanliness may be
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Provisions of the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP), under the jurisdiction of the Food and Drug Administration, were enacted in 2015. They mandate that foreign suppliers provide the same level of food safety protection for their products as domestic suppliers are required to provide for theirs.

This is needed as
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Forget the food trucks or military posts or even college and university campuses. If you want to know which is among the fastest growing segments for restaurant food, it is a category the National Restaurant Association calls “retail-host restaurants.” It is a label that captures all those in-store restaurants that
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