Two U.S. states and one European country are banning manufacturing, selling, and distributing cultivated meat and poultry products. Italy enacted a ban last year, and Florida and Alabama enacted their laws on the books in only the last few days.

The bans were enacted after the robust cultivated meat industry

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Two bills introduced into the Arizona Legislature may signal that the 2024 sessions of those “Laboratories of Democracy” will be something of an “alt-meat” grinder.

Arizona State Rep. David Marshall, R-Snowflake, and four co-sponsors have introduced House Bill 2121, prohibiting cell-cultured animal products.

HB2121 prohibits anyone in Arizona from offering

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“A taste of the future.”

That’s how cardiologist Uma Valeti, MD, CEO and founder of UPSIDE Foods ( describes the upshot of USDA’s approval this week to sell lab-grown chicken. The approval, the first in the nation, will allow Valeti’s company, as well as Eat Just and its

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As expected, USDA has followed Singapore by approving for the United States, the growth by two companies of animal cells into chicken products that one day might be sold to consumers.

USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service is granting inspections to two companies. It also issued instructions to its inspection

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The European Food Safety Authority(EFSA) based in Parma, Italy last week held a two-day scientific colloquium to gather views and insights from leading scientific minds, representatives of European, international, and national agencies, technology companies, and food operators, consumer groups, and an array of individuals and other organizations with an interest in

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