Researchers have called for increased awareness to reduce the risk of Campylobacter outbreaks linked to incorrectly cooked chicken liver dishes.

Communication from food safety and public health authorities may be required. Any strategy should ensure the risk profile of poultry liver-containing dishes is raised and availability of evidence-based preventative strategies
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Researchers in New Zealand have compared cases of raw milk-associated campylobacteriosis with those who did not report drinking this product before illness.

Campylobacteriosis is the most common notifiable disease in New Zealand. While risk is strongly associated with eating undercooked poultry, other risk factors include rainwater-sourced drinking water, contact with
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A review has backed the belief that poultry and ruminants are the main sources of Campylobacter infections.

The work found more than half of human campylobacteriosis cases were attributed to poultry. Ruminants such as cattle or sheep were also implicated in a substantial proportion of infections.

Campylobacter is one of
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Laboratory tests are ongoing in relation to an outbreak of campylobacteriosis among patrons of a New York restaurant. The Wild Ginger restaurant in Cortland is closed until further notice.

The Cortland County Health Department notified the public about the outbreak on Nov. 7  via its Facebook page. The alert also
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Researchers have looked into the levels and factors behind Campylobacter food poisoning associated with chicken in Japan.

To prevent campylobacteriosis, it is necessary to counteract sanitation hazards in the food chain at farms, processing facilities, distribution, retail and kitchens, according to the study published in Food Safety, an online
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Campylobacter was the top cause of illness while E. coli numbers reached a record high last year, according to foodborne illness figures from Switzerland.

The 2018 surveillance report of zoonoses and outbreaks of food poisoning revealed a decline in Salmonella and a slight increase in Listeria with only a dozen
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The number of people sick from Campylobacter and Salmonella infections has increased by about 20 percent in Lithuania so far this year, according to the Centre for Communicable Diseases and AIDS (ULAC).

A total of 434 cases of salmonellosis and 630 patients with campylobacteriosis were reported during the first seven
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