Newswanger Meats in Ohio recalled more than a ton of beef, pork and chicken products after routine county tests showed bacteria in the company’s water supply for its processing facility.

The Shiloh, OH, company distributed the meat and poultry products to Ohio City Provisions, a butcher and grocery store, and Fresh Fork Market in Cleveland. Other products were sold through the retail store at Newswanger Meats location in Shiloh.

Galen Newswanger, manager of the meat and poultry operation, told local news media that customers have been notified of the potential contamination and recall. Newswanger produced the recalled products Oct. 4 through 6.

The recalled products can be identified by looking for the establishment number “EST. 151” printed inside the Ohio mark of inspection on the labels. Lot codes printed above the mark of inspection on the recalled products are: 17J04, 17J05, 17J06, and OCT0517.

No illnesses have been reported in connection to the recalled meat and poultry, according to the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Follow-up water test results are expected today. The water samples collected Oct. 4 did not test positive for E. coli bacteria, but was positive for coliform bacteria, which is an indicator of other bacterial contamination.

The specific products subject to recall by Newswanger are:

  • Fresh beef stew meat
  • Fresh beef cubed steaks
  • Fresh beef strip steaks
  • Fresh ground beef
  • Fresh breakfast sausage links
  • Fresh maple flavored sausage links
  • Fresh pork chops
  • Fresh pork steaks
  • Fresh pork roasts
  • Fresh chorizo sausage in 1 lb. packages
  • 3 rind-on carcass hogs
  • Chicken leg quarters, drumsticks, boneless breasts, and thighs
  • Various sliced deli meats

Owners of Ohio City Provisions posted a statement on the company’s Facebook page Sunday afternoon informing customers that it had not processed or sold any meat from the recalled whole hogs it bought from Newswanger. Ohio City Provisions specializes in locally sourced food.

“Our USDA inspected meat processor’s water quality test failed; it shows signs of coliform, although the test results from the lab don’t indicate the concentration and if it is a dangerous level or not,” according to the Ohio City Provisions Facebook statement.

“Because the test is inadequate, the assumption from the health department is that there is a potential for maximum level of coliform, which would be dangerous. Long story short, another sample was taken and sent to a lab. Because of the holiday weekend, results won’t be back until Tuesday.”

Anyone who consumed any of the recalled meat or poultry and developed symptoms of foodborne illness should seek medical attention and tell their doctors about the possible exposure.

Symptoms can include diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting and fever.

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