raw-milk-case_406x250Lehi Republican Jacob L. Anderegg has a modest request before the Utah House of Representatives. He wants the dozen or so raw milk producers who also have retail stores on their property to also be able to sell pasteurized milk. His House Bill (HB) 194 is on the second reading calendar. If it can get through the entire legislative process, it will end a prohibition on side-by-side sales of both raw and pasteurized milk. Current law requires dairy farmers with retail outlets to choose whether they want to sell one or the other, but they cannot do both. Purpose of current law is to prevent consumers from accidentally buying one kind of milk when they meant to purchase another. In order to prevent that from happening in stores where both raw and pasteurized milk is sold, Anderegg has proposed signage requirements for dairy cases. The signage over the area containing raw milk would require 1/2 inch bold face type saying: “This milk is raw and unpasteurized. Please keep refrigerated.” His bill also requires the Utah Department of Agriculture and Foods to create a color label for raw milk. HN 194 will likely move to the Senate this week. This year it has not encountered any opposition in the House. (To sign up for a free subscription to Food Safety News, click here.)