A food safety advisory for a THC-infused product manufactured in Aspen, CO, was announced this past Friday by Denver’s Department of Environmental Health. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis (marijuana). The department issued the warning on Friday, Sept. 25, 2015, for RX Green’s Autopilots capsules. Consumers who have purchased Rx Green’s Autopilots Omega 3 & THC capsules should dispose of any product manufactured prior to Sept. 17, 2015, Denver health officials said. Containers of this product list a License # of 404R-00109 on the package. RX Green Autopilot CapsulesThe officials said that the advisory is due to concerns regarding the manufacturing process and lack of temperature controls in place to prevent bacterial growth. There have been no reports of illness at this time, nor has RX Green recalled the product. The department noted that the advisory has been issued as a result of a food safety inspection. They said consumers with questions about distribution outside of Denver should contact the manufacturer. RX Green was recently acquired for $15,000 by Steve Garcia of Aspen from Josh Meacham of Snowmass Village, CO. Garcia had been the company’s business manager before becoming the owner. The Local Licensing Authority in Aspen transferred the license for RX Green to Garcia two weeks ago, ending Meacham’s involvement with the company. A week earlier, Meacham surrendered to local law enforcement over charges involving the sale of fake elk hunting permits in New Mexico. If convicted on felony theft charges, state law would prohibit him from being a manufacturer of marijuana edibles. Garcia, however, said that was not the reason for the sale, which he said had been in the works for some time. The transferred RX Green license is strictly for manufacturing and distributing the product, which cannot legally be bought at the production facility. In addition to capsules, RX is associated with the sale of THC-infused transdermal patches. There’s been no similar warning from Aspen or Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Unit, a devision of the state Department of Revenue.

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