A Jimmy John’s restaurant located at 605 E. 400 S. in Salt Lake City, Utah, has been closed by the county’s Environmental Health Services – Bureau of Food Protection because of an imminent health hazard. A report from the Salt Lake County Health Department stated: http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photography-jimmy-john-s-night-image-location-image32897347“This establishment was closed for an imminent health hazard in response to a foodborne illnesses outbreak and ongoing illness connected to this establishment and the following violations:

  • Food employees worked in the establishment while ill.
  • An employee did not wash hands when changing gloves.
  • An employee removed a loaf of bread from the pan with bare hands.
  • Fresh bread is being stored on the dirty dish drain board.
  • An employee beverage is stored next to establishment food in the walk in cooler.
  • The vent in the walk in cooler is not properly repaired to be easily cleanable.
  • Fan covers in the walk-in cooler are dirty.
  • Food equipment is not being air dried before being nested together.
  • The mop is not hung to air dry.
  • Bread sticks in the walk in freezer are not covered to prevent contamination.
  • Food is being stored on the floor.

The Jimmy John’s closure may be associated with an ongoing outbreak investigation.

  • Tru

    Both myself and a friend ate there, her on Wednesday…me on thursday. She went to the ER and I was hope sick as a dog! We have not reported this to the health debt yet.

  • Gene

    As bad as this sounds, if you read any of the inspection reports from food handling establishments which are publicly available from your local health department you will discover these kind of infractions are surprisingly common.

  • LP

    I understand descretion but ongoing outbreak investigation is a little vague. None of violations cited are severe enough, seperately or together, to warrant closure. What are we missing? If a reportable illness behind this then where are the restricted or exclusion of duties? There are no temp violations so I am going to assume this is a communicable disease unrelated to potentially hazardous food.

  • a

    Slow news day? I’ve got one or two of these every quarter just in my corner of a city in the corner of my state in my corner of the country.

  • Geneviève

    Should check every place. Utah seems to have disgusting food practices & I’ve worked a lot in food svc in the dc area. Every time I eat out in utah I get ill. Time to put people before business and properly train employees.

  • Carlo Ken Castellano

    If not done yet, send those employees to SafeServe trainining….a food handling educational training. Management should fire employees who do not adhere good food handling practices. That’s one of the best disciplinary actions for employees who care LESS.