A motion for an emergency protective order, which is being sought by attorneys for Midamar Corp. executives, will be heard Tuesday by a federal magistrate judge in Cedar Rapids, IA. halalmeat_406x250Midamar founder William B. Aossey Jr. and his two sons want to regain control of emails they say were seized by federal agents last week who were conducting searches related to an alleged gun-smuggling-for-profit scheme. The Halal meat and poultry export company in Cedar Rapids was searched because some guns and ammunition were reportedly included in a shipment of goods from a Miramar-sponsored clothing drive for Lebanon and Syria. Four Cedar Rapids residents with no apparent connection to Midamar Corp. are being held without bail in the alleged gun-smuggling scheme. The Miramar executives are anxious to get their emails back because they say the documents are protected by attorney-client privilege for the July and September trials they are facing on fraud and conspiracy charges involving their Halal food products. Midamar did sponsor a clothing drive for war-torn Lebanon and Syria, and the guns and ammunition were reportedly found in that humanitarian shipment on the docks of Norfolk, VA, after an Iowa gun dealer tipped off federal agents. But what was taken at Midamar gave the government access to attorney-client privileged documents that it should not get to keep, say defense attorneys. Midamar founder William Aossey, scheduled for trial in July, and his sons Jalel and Yahya Aossey, Miramar Corp. and Islamic Services of America, scheduled for trial in September, were charged in late 2014 with mislabeling Halal beef products and falsifying export documents. Chicago defense attorney Haytham Faraj says he has represented Midamar since 2011 and that neither company nor the Aosseys have any connection with the accused gun-smugglers. Tuesday’s hearing will be held by U.S. Magistrate Jon Scoles, the same judge who last week denied bail to the alleged gun-runners after hearing three hours of testimony by government witnesses.