The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has suspended Costco Canada’s license to import fish into that country. According to a March 13 announcement, the license suspension was effective Feb. 26, 2015, and was issued because the agency “determined that adequate controls for food safety were not being reliably implemented by the company on a consistent basis … .” of now, CFIA stated that the company “may not import fish products into Canada while its import license is suspended and until such time as it has fully implemented the necessary corrective actions and the CFIA is fully confident in the company’s capacity to effectively manage food safety risks.” No recall is associated with the suspension. According to Costco Canada, it uses the import license to bring in a limited number of loads of canned tuna products. No other fish products the company sells were affected. “As part of its corrective action plan, Costco is currently updating and strengthening its standard operating procedures to ensure full compliance with CFIA’s fish inspection regulations and reinstatement of its fish import license,” the company told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Costco Canada attributed its license suspension to not following three administrative procedures during the past two years: not properly notifying CFIA about a load of canned tuna being imported and transporting canned tuna directly to the company’s facilities for distribution instead of to a warehouse for CFIA inspection. Costco operates 89 warehouse stores across Canada.