Selfridges, London’s high-end department store, and the Hook & Sons organic farm in East Sussex may both face prosecution by the United Kingdom’s Food Standards Agency (FSA), the Daily Mail Online reports. From about December  2011 to April 2012, Selfridges sold unpasteurized milk from vending machines located in its flagship store on London’s Oxford Street. Selfridges is second only to Harrods among London’s big retailers. Raw milk can be sold on the farm and at farmer’s markets throughout the United Kingdom, except for Scotland where sales are banned. But raw milk cannot legally be sold in vending machines. A government watchdog claims that FSA is now planning to prosecute the department store and the organic farm for food hygiene violations. Hook & Sons, which sells raw milk at London’s Borough Market and through the Internet, serviced the Selfridges vending machines when the department store was selling raw milk. At the time, Selfridges said it wanted to provide customers with more choices. Selfridges stopped vending raw milk after the practice prompted an investigation. Farmer Stephen Hook says the vending machines are property of the dairy producer and are maintained and stocked by the farm and therefore consistent with the law. He promises to fight any prosecution. FSA could also make changes in the rules to clarify the use of vending machines or move closer to a Scotland-like ban.