A former Beef Products Inc employee plans to file a civil lawsuit in response to the national frenzy over lean finely textured beef (LFTB), now widely known to consumers as pink slime. Sioux City, Iowa-based Rauttnee Publishing Company announced it will hold a press conference on Tuesday to detail the suit to be filed by former BPI Environmental Health and Safety Officer Bruce Smith. The company will be handing out copies of the lawsuit as well as copies of Smith’s new book, titled “Pink Slime Ate My Job.” According to an online business profile, Rauttnee Publishing Company was launched by Smith in 2004. A press release said the lawsuit would be against “national news broadcasting company” and “other prominent individuals” involved in the controversy. The high profile LFTB controversy in the Spring resulted in the shutdown of three BPI plants, in in Iowa, Kansas and Texas, and layoffs at a plant in South Sioux City, Nebraska. Iowa congressman Steve King (R), who has called for congressional hearings on the LFTB media storm, told KTIV he thinks litigation may be a good idea. “If there is a way to go through this in litigation and get to the bottom of this — especially if it was a willful strategy that unfolded — if that trail can be discovered through litigation then, by all means, go forward,” said King. A detailed timeline of the LFTB controversy can be found here.