In an article that will soon be published in the Seattle Law Review, I take a look at food safety through the lens of the “pink slime” controversy and question whether the lack of real transparency that characterizes food safety regulation, especially with regard to meat and poultry, is
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The confidential settlement reached on June 28 between Beef Products Inc., and Disney-owned ABC News is not entirely a secret anymore.

The Walt Disney Company’s quarterly financial filing with the Securities and Executive Commission (SEC) shows a charge of $177 million “net of committed insurance recoveries,” incurred in connection with
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siouxland_406x250The region where the borders of Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota and Nebraska meet is called “Siouxland.” It has been ever since 20th Century novelist Frederick Manfred, who wrote the acclaimed “Lord Grizzly” and 21 other works of fiction,  came up with the area moniker.

Were he still alive, Manfred would
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