Spotted: E. coli bacterium in Oklahoma City. Not to worry, this specimen is not alive. It’s a glass sculpture by artist Luke Jerram and it’s going on display this week at the Oklahoma City Art Museum as part of an exhibit called FUSION [A New Century of Glass]. The work, aptly named E. coli, is a clear glass figure, complete with flagellum – the tiny hairs on an E. coli cell – flowing from its sides and back. While E. coli bacteria are typically microscopic, measuring around 1 micrometer wide and anywhere from 2 – 6 micrometers long, this one is amplified to almost 4 1/2 feet long and 11/2 feet wide. The piece “explores the tension between scientific objectivity and cultural perceptions of viruses, diseases, and bacteria,” according to the museum. The exhibit opens June 14 and runs through September 9. For more information, visit the Oklahoma City Art Museum’s website.