A national recall of meat products over food poisoning fears has prompted the shutdown of an Ontario plant for a thorough and intensive sanitization.

On Saturday, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency told consumers not to consume about 120 ready-to-eat cooked meat products from Brandt Meat Packers Ltd., of Brampton, Ontario.

On Sunday, a company spokeswoman said that Brandt hopes to have its Mississauga plant reopened in a couple of weeks.

“It’s a recall that’s pretty extensive, because consumer health and safety is the No. 1 concern,” said spokeswoman Caroline Spivak, who characterized the recall as a precautionary measure.

So far there have been no reported illnesses associated with the consumption of the products.

According to Spivak, the company has contacted more than 85 percent of its customers, including grocery stores nationwide, to tell them to pull the products in question off store shelves.

The recall was ordered after a CFIA inspector called Brandt to report a concern Friday night, Spivak said.

Although the company didn’t offer any specific information as to what led to the concern, the fear is that some of the food may be contaminated with foodborne pathogens.

“The company’s first priority is for the safety of its consumers, which is why the recall is so extensive,” Spivak said.

“We are still working with the CFIA to determine whether there is a contamination.”

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