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Public health officials have closed an investigation into an E. Coli outbreak at the University of Arkansas without finding the source of the pathogen.

University officials said the Arkansas Department of Health reported five confirmed and 37 probable patients in the outbreak. On Sept 25, university officials said more than

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State and federal public health officials are working with the University of Arkansas on what appears to be an outbreak of E. Coli infections.

During a news conference this afternoon, a spokesman from the Arkansas Department of Health said four people were hospitalized. Also, about 100 students from the university

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture has awarded an Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station researcher a $200,000 grant to learn more about how much moisture is required to allow bacterial survival in low-moisture foods. 

The institute recognizes the dangers of pathogens in low-moisture foods as just
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Microgreens growing operations are an emerging industry and the topic of research that surveyed growers in the United States. The online survey, answered by 176 growers, included questions about farm demographics, growing techniques, microgreen varieties grown and food safety practices.

The study helped identify relationships between farm characteristics and food
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The human brain is an incredibly complex organ consisting of over 80 billion neurons with about 1 million gigabytes worth of memory storage. With so much hardware, it’s no wonder we sometimes face shortcomings in our perspective of the world. In his bestselling book “The Tipping Point” Malcom Gladwell
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New research continues to demonstrate that typical cleaning doesn’t actually sanitize the reusable plastic containers (RPCs) used to transport fruits, vegetables, poultry and other foods. In a study publicized earlier this year, Steven Ricke, director of the University of Arkansas Center for Food Safety, and his team grew Salmonella,
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