Dozens of speakers addressed FDA officials in a listening session on Sept. 30, and almost all of them said it is time for the agency to come out of the dark ages regarding its recall operations.

The speakers ranged from consumers whose children had been struck by foodborne illnesses to

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Six in 10 people said they would never go to a restaurant again if they contracted a foodborne illness while eating there, according to a survey.

Surveyed consumers said their top food safety concerns included restaurant kitchen and wait staff hygiene, foodborne outbreaks, illness from contaminated food, and recalls.

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Every week I pore over the warning letters the Food and Drug Administration has sent to food firms. These letters are sent to food companies in the U.S. and companies importing into the U.S. They list  violations based on findings from FDA inspections. 

The recipients are given 15 days
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Home-delivered fresh meal kits, locally grown foods, a move toward minimal processing, and restaurant hydroponic gardens are among the emerging industry trends that present food safety challenges. Moreover, consumers have redefined food safety to include free from potentially hazardous residues such as antibiotics, hormones, and artificial chemicals, as well
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Independent researchers say 22 out of the country’s top 26 grocery chains fail when it comes to warning the public about food recalls. Among those on the fail list are Walmart and Aldi.

Consumers have to struggle to stay updated on food recalls with the lack of effort on the
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Federal officials today confirmed another E. coli outbreak that they had previously not revealed to the public. Specific details were not available from the CDC or the FDA, but at least four states have been reported with confirmed patients.

The most likely source of the E. coli O157:H7, reported by
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Editor’s note: Trevor Suslow, currently vice president for Produce Safety at the Produce Marketing Association and formerly with the University of California-Davis where he did extensive research with postharvest produce and freshcut produce,  wrote this letter to members of the fresh produce industry earlier this week. It is reprinted

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