The demand for food away from home has witnessed a surge in recent years, making restaurants a crucial source of food-related illness outbreaks. 

A new study, conducted by researchers with the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign and Purdue University, has delved into the intricacies of these outbreaks, shedding light on

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Research funded by the Center for Produce Safety is looking for a cost-effective method to detect Cyclospora in irrigation water, including a paper-based in-field water test.

The project seeks to use short strands of synthesized DNA, or aptamers, to bind to the target of interest — in this case, Cyclospora’s

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In a recent article by Purdue University,  author Jillian Ellison talked to  Amanda Deering, Ph.D., at Purdue University about how food safety became her driving passion and has made impacts abroad.

According to the article, Deering, a  Clinical Associate Professor and Fresh Produce Food Safety Extension Specialist with the Department
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A treatment to infuse hardened metal surfaces with naturally occurring antimicrobial peptides has been developed by researchers at Purdue University.

In other words, the Purdue research team’s technology can create hard metal surfaces that kill bacteria trying to attach to it.

David Bahr, team leader and professor of materials engineering
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Anyone interested in the culture of food safety is invited to attend a series of free webinars with panels of international presenters and organized by the International Association for Food Protection.

The non-profit group has thousands of members worldwide, including government leaders and employees, academics, industry representatives and others interested
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The journal Horticulturae reports in a current issue on Purdue University research findings about E. coli in aquaponic and hydroponic systems. Three years of other research about deadly E. coli O157:H7 have left many wondering if there might be safer ways to grow romaine lettuce other than open fields in
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Researchers at two universities have made advancements in E. coli testing technology, with one of them having received a patent.

At Kansas State University a new digital approach to a tried and true testing method has become a reality. At Purdue University scientists are using bioluminescence to speed confirmation testing.
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