The Alliance for a Stronger FDA is hosting Center Directors and other FDA senior leaders to discuss their portion of the the president’s Fiscal Year 2025 budget request (documentsanalysis).   

Our food-focused lineup includes Human Foods Program Deputy Commission Jim Jones, Center for Veterinary Medicine Director Tracey

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The reorganization of the Food and Drug Administration’s human foods programs was urgently needed and a long-time coming. The full plan still needs to go through review by Office of Management and Budget and then Congress. 

Fortunately, the Department of Health and Human Services and FDA have authority to implement

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As 2024 unfolds, there are ongoing stories that will continue to take shape, including one that impacts everyone’s daily life in the United States.

The reorganization of the Food and Drug Administration’s human foods program began in 2023 with the appointment of Jim Jones to be the

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Usually, an elected official charges before the evidence is in, and the bureaucrat provides an open-ended background about the food safety problem.

But with the lead poisoning of applesauce pouches sold for children, those roles seem to have switched. Jim Jones, FDA’s new Deputy Commissioner for Human Foods, has raised

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Officials from the FDA have closed their investigation into the Ecuadoran company that supplied lead-tainted cinnamon applesauce products to the United States after finding that the lead content was thousands of times higher than recommended levels.

The applesauce, sold in pouches packaged for children, has been found to have a

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Time is on my side, yes it is . . .”

Written by Jerry Ragovoy performed by The Rolling Stones

Nothing could be further from the truth than that song lyric regarding the work ahead for the first-ever deputy commissioner for human food at the Food and Drug Administration.


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The Food and Drug Administration’s first Deputy Commissioner for Human Foods, Jim Jones, started his work yesterday and sent the below letter to colleagues.

FDA Commissioner Robert Calif appointed Jones after the agency’s embarrassing turmoil over the lack of a clear chain of command on the food side of its

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