Food Safety Education Month

Let the celebrations begin! September is National Food Safety and National Food Safety Education Month. To mark this year’s events, the non-profit Partnership for Food Safety Education(PFSE), in collaboration with Drexel University and New Mexico State University, has launched “Don’t Wash Your Chicken,” an educational program aimed

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Today is the start of Food Safety Education Month and STOP Foodborne Illness is kicking off its second annual STOP3000.

STOP3000 commemorates the estimated 3000 annual, preventable deaths from foodborne pathogens. Three thousand individual deaths create ripples impacting no less than 3000 families and communities.

STOP says that “everything we

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Food Safety Education Month

Whether you tried your hand at baking bread, followed a new recipe on Tik Tok, or even thought up some creative dishes “Iron Chef” style, the past 18 months have turned many more of us into home cooks. For Food Safety Education Month (FSEM) in September,
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Editor’s note: This is part of series of articles and opinion columns we are publishing in recognition of September as Food Safety Education Month.

With charitable, environmental, and faith-based organizations all getting involved in the food waste issue at local, state and federal levels, it’s fair to ask if anybody’s
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Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of articles and opinion columns we are publishing in recognition of Food Safety Education Month.

September is National Food Safety Education Month. It provides an opportunity to raise awareness about steps consumers, educators and others can take to prevent food
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