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International Food Information Council Foundation

Incorporated as a public education foundation in 1991 and based in Washington, DC, the International Food Information Council Foundation, is independent and not-for-profit.  We do not lobby or further any political, partisan, or corporate interest.  We bring together, work with, and provide information to consumers, health and nutrition professionals, educators, government officials, and food, beverage, and agricultural industry professionals. We have established partnerships with a wide range of credible professional organizations, government agencies, and academic institutions to advance the public understanding of key issues. For example, we have a long-standing relationship with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion as part of the Dietary Guidelines Alliance, a public-private partnership focused on the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the MyPyramid Food Guidance System. Recognizing the global nature of food safety, nutrition, and health issues, the Foundation extends its mission internationally. We share education materials with an independent network of Food Information Organizations and partners from around the world. We also serve as a news media resource. We provide science-based information to the media and refer journalists to our 350 independent, credentialed experts on a variety of nutrition and food safety topics.

Recently a peer-reviewed study appeared in Environmental Health Perspectives that suggested a significant drop in levels of bisphenol A when the study participants consumed a diet that avoided contact with BPA.

This study reflects what a number of recent studies have already proven: BPA is rapidly excreted from the body
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In early October, I had the pleasure of attending the 5th Annual Center for Food Integrity (CFI) Food System Summit in Chicago.  This year’s Summit brought together a diverse group of food system members including farmers, producers, processors, manufacturers, academicians, food scientists, health professionals and others to hear from food
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