Today the U.S. Department of Agriculture will be going live at 3 p.m. EST to answer questions about food safety on Twitter.

Anyone is invited to attend these “virtual office hours,” hosted by Dr. Elizabeth Hagen, USDA’s Under Secretary for Food Safety in honor of National Food Safety Education Month.

USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service provided a list of topics consumers are urged to ask about in a press release Thursday. Some possible questions include:

– How can I keep my family safe from foodborne illness?

– What is USDA doing to bring down rates of E. coli and Salmonella illnesses?

– If I discover a problem with my food, where can I report it?

– What should I do if I have a recalled product?

Those wishing to ask these or other food safety questions can participate by following @USDA on Twitter and using the #askUSDA hashtag.

  • c

    funny they are hosting a chat, but give you the list of questions?

  • Jensu2

    What can I do about the USDA allowing the Central Valley Meat Company of Chino to reopen and sell downed, sick and tortured cow meat to the public.  This is a health and safety issue that the USDA has turned a blind eye to because of political pressure from Republicans, Kevin McCarthy and Devin Nunes as well as Jeff Denham.  Diary farmers who milk their cows almost death pose a serious threat to children’s health.  These sick and downed cows are sold for $400 each to the Central Valley Meat Company and then tortured further before being slaughtered.  Then their meat is sold to schools for lunch programs.  Sick and/or downed and tortured cows pose a health risk to the public and our children.   Yet Majority Whip, Kevin McCarthy, pressured USDA to reopen the company because it will hurt dairy farmers.  So, dairy farmers are allowed to have sick, worked to death cows sold to our kids so they don’t have to lay off workers?  Why can’t they treat their cows humanely?  I’m sorry, isn’t that cost effective?