Food Safety Education Month

Mention sustainable agriculture and you’ll likely get a hearty thumbs-up. Ask why this is so, and you’ll hear how sustainable farmers take good care of the soil, their animals, the environment, their employees — and that this way of farming benefits consumers’ health and safety.

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A new study found generic E. coli on nearly one-third of the fresh produce sold at farmers’ markets in Northern California. It was not a test for the dangerous pathogenic E. coli, but a check on fecal contamination in fresh produce sold at pristine farmers’ markets.

Californians love their farmers
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Editor’s note: As part of our coverage of national Food Safety Education month we publish the following column from STOP Foodborne Illness.

This time of year food lovers’ enjoy one of their favorite traditions: visiting local farmers markets. In addition to all the invigorating colors, exquisite aromas, strong flavors,
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Many vendors at farmers markets take inadequate precautions to prevent the spread of foodborne illness, and they should be trained to reduce food-safety risks, according to Penn State researchers who completed the final phase of an innovative five-year study.

Using a comprehensive three-way approach, the research assessed food safety
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Farmers-market_406x250The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a proposed rule to amend and improve its regulations on food facility registration. Facilities that manufacture, process, pack, or hold food for consumption in the U.S. must register with FDA, but “retail food establishments,” farms, restaurants and certain other entities are
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