Consumer Safety Inspector (CSI) Stephen Jankowski celebrated his “golden anniversary” of federal service in October 2022. The son of Polish immigrants, first-generation American Jankowski and his siblings were raised on a dairy farm in northern Wisconsin, where he had his first experience working with livestock. He began his 50-year government career as a young adult when he spent seventeen months in the U.S. Army, initially serving as an infantryman and radio operator, and later as a door gunner. While serving in Vietnam, he learned of his father’s passing and returned home for his funeral. Jankowski finished his Army duties at Fort Sheridan, north of Chicago, for the Special Service.

Jankowski’s career with FSIS began in 1974, when his older brother John encouraged him to apply for a job with the agency. John worked as an inspector in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and the younger Jankowski was sworn in as a food inspector and began his career in Madison, Wisconsin, where he completed slaughter inspection tasks at an Oscar Mayer establishment. Jankowski later served as a food inspector at various meat and poultry plants in several locations, mostly in the mid-western part of the United States.

In February 1980, Jankowski was promoted to a processing inspection. During his time in processing, his responsibilities included inspecting at four establishments in Nebraska. He also had detail assignments at nine establishments in Nebraska and five establishments in Kansas.

In 1990, Jankowski was again promoted to higher processing inspection duties and moved to Ohio, where he worked at multiple establishments. His current headquarters establishment in Canton, Ohio, makes hot dogs, ham, pepperoni and various size sausages. His title was changed from food inspector to consumer safety inspector in 1999. Jankowski has been to most of the 48 establishments in the Canton Circuit, protecting public health by verifying the regulated establishments produce safe products.

Not only is Jankowski’s job important to him and his family, but he also believes it is important to our country and the foreign countries to which the U.S. exports meat and poultry products. He has always strived to do an excellent job protecting the consumer and attributes his longevity to enjoying what he does. He describes himself as an honest, caring person with a strong work ethic who is always willing to help a fellow inspector or supervisor with any questions they may have related to regulations and inspection tasks.

Jankowski and his wife, Nancy, have two daughters, one son and three grandchildren. Up until a couple years ago, he was an avid motorcycle rider (Harley, of course!). Now he spends his leisure time doing family activities, working around their home, which is situated on four acres of land, and watching his grandson’s sporting events.

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