The China International Food Safety and Quality (CIFSQ) Conference will be held Oct. 26-27, 2022 in Shanghai, China.

The Internation Association for Food Protection (IAFP) is the global host of the event that can be attended in person or virtual. This event brings together food safety professionals across China and from around the world for two intensive days of learning and networking.

The 16th Annual CIFSQ Conference’s educational program features distinguished faculty of regulatory, scientific, academic, and industry leaders who are putting food safety practices and plans into action. 

The CIFSQ Conference program has useful information on developing new skills and discovering the latest food safety best practices, methods, trends, developments, products, and services.

Safe food is essential to achieving sustainability, security, and above all, good health. Around the world, governments and businesses share the enormous responsibility for safeguarding food. This challenging job benefits immensely from multilateral knowledge sharing, collaboration, and dialogue. 

At the upcoming event in Shanghai, up to 600 attendees are expected to attend physically or virtually, including over 120 food safety thought leaders who will take the stage to share their insights on the latest developments.

CIFSQ 2022 topics:

  • Transforming food safety through data-driven technology
  • Recycled plastics: Environmentally Friendly and Safe for Food
  • Science to the Stage! The Difficult Role of Science in Setting Food Standards
  • Evidence-Based Risk Communications
  • Control of the Food Chain: The Belgian Approach
  • Regulatory Issues on Alternative Protein for Conventional Animal Meat
  • Alternative Protein, Cellular Meat & Plant-Based Food
  • Summary Report of EU-China SAFE Project
  • Advancing Food Safety Through Partnerships
  • Evidence-Based Risk Communications
  • Non-Animal Methods for Safety Testing (NAM)
  • Rapid Microbial Detection & Sample Preparation
  • Food Allergen Control in the Food Industry
  • Hot Topics
  • A Collaborative Approach to Food Safety Education
  • Historical Review of HACCP: Progress & Challenges
  • Medicine Food Homology Research & Application Forum
  • Risk Assessment for Multiple Chemicals Hazards
  • Applications of New Analytical Technology & Data Analytics
  • Mycotoxin
  • Mineral Oil Contamination in Food
  • Improving Food Safety Performance Through Setting & Measuring Food Safety KPIs
  • Special Purpose Food

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