– Opinion –

Today the Roanoke Times reported that owners of Famous Anthony’s filed bankruptcy for two of their Roanoke five restaurant locations after a hepatitis A outbreak originating from one of their food service workers killed four people, hospitalized 36, sickened 52, with one requiring a liver transplant.

A food service worker who worked at three locations — Grandin Road Extension, Williamson Road and Crystal Spring Avenue — tested positive for the hepatitis a virus and contaminated customers with the fecal virus. Throughout September and October, 52 cases were confirmed to be connected to the outbreak.

Over the last decades I have advocated for vaccinating food services workers primarily due to the tragic toll that it takes on customers and their families, but clearly sickening 52, hospitalizing 36 and killing 4 of your customers is bad for business.

Please, whether it is for moral or business reasons, offer hepatitis A vaccination to your employees.

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