The 4th floor of the Holmes Building in Easton, PA, is the location of the U.S. District Court for Eastern Pennsylvania. Not everyone attending that court today may agree on where it is or even the court’s jurisdiction. Maybe the United States of America is no longer there.

Amos Miller and his Miller’s Organic Farm at Bird-in-Hand, PA, will appear in the federal court, seeking to replace his attorney with “Prairie Star National” from Port Orchard, WA.

Issues before the court involve who represents Miller as the court gets him to comply with some basic food safety requirements — like slaughtering beef and poultry under USDA inspection.

We’ve seen no claim that Prairie Star’s “agent” is an attorney who is ready to represent someone in federal court. And precious little from the agent addresses the actual issues.

But the court’s docket for today filed up with documents about the beliefs and fantasies of Prairie Star.
In an initial filing titled “My Status. . . Your Status,” it claims:

  • Unless you are a “Citizen of the Federal Municipal Government,” you are not naturally or by birth a U.S.Citizen.
  • Being a U.S. Citizen is not the same as being an American Citizen.
  • The government in Washington D.C. is not the American government, but a “Governmental Service Corporation” providing government services.
  • The Governmental Service Corporation borrowed the name of the United States of America.
  • There is no single person responsible for the “fraud and deception” that goes back 130 years.
  • It’s a complicated story but starts with the Vatican purchasing the derelict United States and splitting it into two parts.

Prairie Star National claims to hold a valid “Durable Power of Attorney” as appointed agent “for Amos Blank Miller — a living being – American National Citizen.” Prairie Star uses Blank” as Miller’s middle name because his “given or Christian name does not appear on the court documents.”

Amos Miller is a man with resources. His farm ownership spans a couple of states and he owns a buyers club which he uses to distribute nationwide. The Dallas attorney he wants to fire is a pro who was making progress.

It makes no sense for Amos Miller to introduce this “clown car” into his defense. And government attorneys don’t want Miller attorney Steve Lafuente’s removed until he can be replaced with a qualified attorney.

 “To the extent that Mr. Miller’s oft-pleaded ignorance is genuine. Mr. Lafuento has a history of guiding Mr. Miller away from frivolous, sovereign citizen-type arguments, and he serves a meaningful purpose here in continuing to do so.” a government filing says.

Prairie Star’s “Lawful Advocate” claims the U.S. Department of Agriculture is really “bankrupt and out of business” because the federal government has financially gone underwater.

The “Lawful Advocate” further claims that the U.S. Department of Justice can only proceed if federal attorneys “list a TRUE secured party creditor” in the matter on behalf of the USDA. That is because USDA is a “DEBTOR as in a derivative of the United States of America, also a DEBTOR IN bankruptcy,” according to Prairie Star’s filing.

Miller began his latest move to change out his legal representation around Oct. 1. Prior to that, Lafuente was making progress on behalf of his client.

Miller was, at the end of August, facing a payment due date for a $250,000 fine for contempt of court. Lafuente got the judge to put the deadline on hold by documenting Miller’s progress to date, including:

  • On or before July 22, Miller ceased the slaughter and delivery of amenable animals.
  • On or before July 22, Miller ceased all amenable meat and poultry-related retail-exempt operations pending compliance with federal and state requirements of the Contempt Order.
  • On Aug. 4, Miller supplied USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) with the name of their proposed qualified, independent third-party to conduct the inventory required by the Contempt Order.
  • On Aug. 5, information was posted on the Miller’s Organic Farm website as required by the Contempt Order.
  • On Aug. 18, Miller reimbursed FSIS for its enforcement costs as required by the Contempt Order, and FSIS confirmed receipt of $14,436.26, which was the amount owed.

Miller swears that all court-required actions are now taken, except for paying the $250,000  fine.

From this turn of events, it appears there are three quesitons:

Why would Amos Miller make such a move to damage his defense, especially after the court recognized the progress he was making.?

Will Judge Edward Smith set Prairie Star quickly and appoint a qualified attorney to represent Miller for the remaining of the proceeding.

Is the “Food Fredom” movement going to embarce or renouce Prairie Star National?

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