The operational status of Miller’s Guild in Seattle is unclear as county health officials apparently continue their investigation into foodborne illnesses among the restaurant’s customers, including three who have tested positive for Salmonella infections.

Seattle-King County Public Health officials closed the restaurant Tuesday, according to their initial outbreak investigation report, which they posted Wednesday.

“Environmental Health investigators plan to revisit the restaurant on Wednesday, Nov. 22, prior to reopening to ensure all of the identified risk factors have been addressed and all public health interventions were implemented to prevent further Salmonella infections,” according to the city-county health department report.

“During the field inspection (on Nov. 21), potential risk factors, such as practices that contribute to the risk of cross contamination, were identified and discussed with the owner.”

As of 9 p.m. PST Thursday, the health department had not updated the outbreak investigation report. The restaurant’s phone number was directed to a a recording indicating calls could not be received.

Public health officials did not indicate how long they have been investigating the Salmonella outbreak, which includes people from four different groups that dined at the restaurant between Aug. 15 and Nov. 3. Miller’s Guild is known for its 9-foot-long open flame “Infireno” grill.

One of the restaurant’s customers had symptoms so severe that hospitalization was required. Three customers tested positive for infections from Salmonella Braenderup, a relatively uncommon strain of the pathogen. At least another three people who were not tested are considered “probable cases” because of their symptoms and the timing of their illnesses in relation to when they ate at Miller’s Guild.

Using genetic analysis, health officials determined the victims have a “common source of infection.”

“In past years, fewer than five cases of this strain of Salmonella Braenderup were reported in King County,” according to the health alert.

Anyone who ate or drank anything at Miller’s Guild and developed symptoms of Salmonella infection should seek medical attention and tell their doctors about the possible exposure to Salmonella.

Symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, fever, chills and abdominal cramping. People are usually sick for several days and can spread the infection to others even after symptoms resolve.

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