The Twisted Fork Restaurant in South Reno, NV, has voluntarily closed after being potentially linked to eight cases of E. coli infection. According to news reports, the decision was made due to lack of information about the situation. “We are going to voluntarily close until they (health officials) tell us what is going on,” Joe Clements, the restaurant’s general manager, told a local TV station. The Twisted ForkThe following statement was posted Monday on the restaurant’s Facebook page: “Today we learned that The Twisted Fork was among locations possibly tied to reported cases of E. coli. We have voluntarily closed the restaurant to give the Washoe County Health District total access and our full cooperation during their investigation to determine a cause. We are dedicated to the safety and welfare of our guests, and the restaurant will remain closed until the matter is fully resolved. Thank you for understanding.” The health district has indicated that six of the eight E. coli cases reported to date are connected with the restaurant and that no source has yet been identified. A dozen people have been interviewed and the investigation is continuing. “We try to find out if there are food sources that are common in any of the patients, where did they all eat. Or did any of them eat at the same restaurant. Did they buy a food product at the same grocery store. Something that results in a common denominator amongst the cases,” Dr. Randall Todd of the health district said.

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