Over the past two weeks, foods sold at a number of major retailers, including Target, Costco and Wegmans, have been recalled for containing spinach at risk of contamination with Listeria monocytogenes. While health authorities have not been able to trace back the contaminated spinach to a specific farm, all of the food products used spinach processed by Coastal Green Vegetable Company, a vegetable processor based in Oxnard, CA. At least six food companies have issued voluntary recalls of products made using the suspected spinach. spinachfieldX-406It’s important to note that no illnesses have been connected to these products. However, due to the time required to trace an illness back to a specific food product, it is impossible to say whether or not any illnesses have occurred. The following is a list of all the products currently known to be under recall: 1. Amy’s Kitchen products Amy’s Kitchen Inc. recalled approximately 74,000 cases of products containing organic spinach. The products include vegetable lasagnas, tofu scrambles, spinach pizzas, and several more. Read the Amy’s Kitchen recall press release for a complete list. 2. La Terra Fina spinach dips La Terra Fina, a food producer selling dip and spread products sold at Costco and elsewhere throughout the U.S., has recalled several products:

3. Wegmans spinach Grocery retailer Wegmans recalled their name brand Wegmans Organic Just Picked Spinach. 4. Rising Moon Organics ravioli The Carmel Food Group recalled certain frozen ravioli products under the Rising Moon Organics brand name:

5. Simply Balanced chopped spinach Superior Foods Inc. recalled bags of organic, chopped spinach under its Simply Balanced brand name, which was sold in Target stores. 6. Cadia, Meijer and Wild Harvest organic spinach Twin City Foods Inc. recalled three brand-name spinach products, in addition to the Wegmans recall:

Food Safety News will continue to cover any additional recalls as they come in.