A class-action lawsuit filed Feb. 5 in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California claims that certain ingredients in Beneful dry kibble dog food from Nestlé Purina PetCare Company have sickened or killed thousands of dogs.

Frank Lucido of Discovery Bay, CA, states in the complaint that after his family began feeding their three dogs Beneful in late December 2014 or early January of this year, all of them became ill and one died.

shepherddogfood-iphoneA post-mortem examination of the English Bulldog who died reportedly found signs of internal bleeding in the stomach and liver lesions, according to the lawsuit. Similar symptoms were found in the other two dogs, a German Shepherd and a Labrador Retriever.

An official with Nestlé Purina called the lawsuit “baseless” and noted that two earlier class-action lawsuits making similar allegations had been dismissed by the courts.

“We believe the lawsuit is baseless, and we intend to vigorously defend ourselves and our brand,” said Bill Salzman, the company’s director of corporation communications. “Like other pet foods, Beneful is occasionally the subject of social media-driven misinformation. Online postings often contain false, unsupported and misleading allegations that cause undue concern and confusion for our Beneful customers. Bottom line: Consumers can continue to feed Beneful with total confidence.”

According to Nestlé Purina, ingredients in the Beneful brand original style product include:

Ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, whole wheat flour, animal fat preserved with mixed-tocopherols, rice flour, beef, soy flour, meat and bone meal, propylene glycol, sugar, tricalcium phosphate, salt, phosphoric acid, potassium chloride, animal digest, sorbic acid (a preservative), mono and dicalcium phosphate, dried spinach, dried peas, dried carrots, L-Lysine monohydrochloride, calcium propionate (a preservative), choline chloride, zinc sulfate, Vitamin E supplement, ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate, Red 40, niacin, Vitamin A supplement, Yellow 6, Yellow 5, copper sulfate, Vitamin B-12 supplement, calcium pantothenate, Blue 2, thiamine mononitrate, garlic oil, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin supplement, Vitamin D-3 supplement, calcium iodate, menadione sodium bisulfite complex (source of Vitamin K activity), folic acid, biotin, sodium selenite. The lawsuit contends that propylene glycol is a known animal toxin and a component of antifreeze. However, the company states that the type it uses is FDA-approved and is also used in human foods such as salad dressing and cake mix. In addition, the suit claims that mycotoxins, which are toxins produced by mold found in grains, are a health risk to dogs. An attorney for the plaintiff said that after he heard Lucido’s story, he checked into the situation and began to see a pattern of similar allegations among pet owners. “We found a significant number of folks who were trying to draw exactly the same causal link. Thousands,” said Jeff Cereghino, of Ram, Olson, Cereghino & Kopczynski in San Francisco. “If it’s a hundred or so, it’s like, ‘OK, a lot of dogs eat Beneful; things happen.’ But when you start getting into the thousands … .” The lawsuit has raised questions among those with pets, said one veterinarian, and she advised those who are concerned to be aware of common poisoning symptoms and bring any concerns to their family vet.

These symptoms include lethargy, decreased activity and appetite, vomiting, diarrhea (sometimes with blood or mucus), increased thirst and increased urination.

“Any time you notice a medical problem or a significant change in your pet’s behavior, you should take them to your family veterinarian or nearest emergency veterinary hospital as soon as possible,” said Dr. Jennifer Welser with BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Tampa Bay, FL. Lucido’s lawsuit is alleging negligence, misrepresentation, product liability and unfair business practices on the part of Nestlé Purina and is reportedly seeking more than $5 million in damages, plus costs and fees. Besides Cereghino and three of his firm’s lawyers, Lucido and the class are being represented by John Yanchunis of Morgan & Morgan Complex Litigation Group in Tampa, FL, Karl Molineux and Charles Merrill of Merrill, Nomura & Molineux in Danville, CA, and Donna Solen of Kimbrell Kimbrell & Solen LLC in Washington, D.C.

  • Cindy Gardner

    End of January, 2015 I received a 20lb bag of Beneful from my neighborhood Human Society to use in the feeding of my 2 1/2 year old Lab mix. I’ve never given him Beneful to eat prior to this, but with finances after Christmas I was just thankful that he would get fed dog food. February 14th, 2015 something strange went on with my Lab, named Frank. I had just had my teeth extracted and was sleeping that evening soundly when I woke up with Frank holding a stance over me. He was just frozen in place. I called his name, tried to move him..nothing. When I sat up and moved him to the side of me, instead of standing over me, he fell off the bed. He was on his back and could not get upright. He kept flinging his legs and paws in the air with a frightful look in his eyes. I jumped up and ran yelling for help from my room mates, when they got to my room Frank was on his side trying to crawl to me. I had no clue what was happening and it scared me to death. I thought my baby was going to die, I really did. I just started crying and my room mate was trying to get Frank outside, thinking maybe he needed some air. Frank has NEVER EVER had this type of behavior. He kept stumbling towards the door. He couldn’t even stand up and walk. This lasted approx 10 to 15 minutes. The glazed look in his eyes was finally clearing so I brought him back inside and he jumped up on my bed and just laid real close to me with his paws touching me like he was afraid. He has not done this again, but I am so afraid he may. I had thought maybe he got into some kind of poison. I couldn’t figure out how as I chain him out to get air , exercise and/or to go potty. He acted like he had been poisoned…couldn’t see; couldn’t stand; had a accident on his way to the front door which he never does. Could this dog food have done this to my Frank?

    • riverdivine

      YES! I hope that your dog is OK now, and no longer on this food?? Seizures are one of the symptoms listed from dogs having eaten this toxic product.

    • Britni

      What you are describing is a grand mal seizure. Dogs experience them quite frequently. It is not know what triggers them and if he will have another one. If he does tho, I would suggest getting him to a vet to get him on anti-seizure medications. My dog had about one a year and it was scary but my vet never put on meds bc the meds cause more harm if they don’t need them frequently.

      • Nora Patterson-Vance

        Seizures are a part of the symptoms. and YES, Beneful could have contributed to the incident. Lethargic, diarrhea, Vomiting, seizures, etc.

    • Alicia d

      My Boston terrier was on a homemade diet that was so time-consuming to make – boiled chicken breast, grated carrot, whole grain rice, pure pumpkin, etc. She was was in perfect health. Enough years went by that I started tiring of the weekly task. I bought a bag of beneful and, although she didn’t seem to like it, she didn’t have any other options. Within the first week, she began having grand mal seizures. Initially, I assumed it had to be a coincidence since some dogs just randomly begin having seizures. But, after 3 weeks, 9 seizures and numerous vet visits, my vet suggested I google beneful to read other similar stories. Since then, I’ve never doubted that beneful was the cause of her seizures. PS – after 9.5 years, I still stuck making her food every week, a true labor of love considering I despise cooking!

      • R.D.

        I feed Canidae Platinum to my old dog and add chicken, rice, organic reduced sodium broth, coconut oil in the morning and pumpkin at night. It’s worth it to have a healthy dog. Cuts down on the vet bills. Your dog loves you for cooking for her!

    • R.D.

      Cheap dog food is no good. Get high grade premium dog food that you cannot find at your local stores. Pet stores usually carry good food. Pet Food Advisor has some great information

  • heavyhanded

    Good defense, the FDA says propylene glycol is safe.

    • Karyn Errington

      Humm! Follow the money! The FDA is the puppet of Corporations.

  • LK

    I don’t believe my dog was ever actually poisoned by Beneful, but a bag that I purchased some time ago contained live moths (unbeknownst to me until later) that wreaked havoc for months. The larva made my dog sick and moths were flying everywhere.

    When some of the same food spilled underneath my cabinet, the attached larva kept turning into moths and multiplying. It took forever to figure out what was happening until the third…yes, third…exterminator removed a panel from underneath the cabinet and found ground-up Beneful that the moths were living off of for months and months.

    I called the pet store who knew nothing and then the company. They told me it couldn’t have been their fault. Well, I knew it was. By then I stopped using Purina products.

    • riverdivine

      Oh my God! 🙁 You should join the Class Action lawsuit… NP needs to be held accountable for poisoning dogs with their cheap/toxic ingredients sourced from China. They are entirely too lackadaisical about the fact that their product is causing thousands of dogs to suffer and die. The FDA needs to step in, fine them significantly, and shut down all of their pet food lines, in my view.

      • ballerina2159

        Plz tell me how to join the lawsuit, my yorkie died with internal bleeding last march and that is the only kind of food that she ate was beneful.

        • Karyn Errington

          Marion Nestle had written pretty extensively about pet food. Check out her books.

          • Glenda Smith

            Don’t be fooled by anything the dog food companies say…they spend more money on their bags and advertisements than on research and health products for the animals.

        • Nora Patterson-Vance

          File a report with the FDA. I did. They have a portal. Its pretty user friendly.

        • blckswn

          Well one you have to provide evidence that it was most definitely the food and not any other thing that could have caused the hemorrhaging, like age, lack of/over feeding, lack of/over hydration, lack of/over exersize.. any of the thousands of diseases tha texist with out food that could have caused it.

    • FoodSci

      Actually, it probably *was* the pet store. I had the same problem a few years back and when I when to the store a couple days later, you could see the moths. Needless to say I stopped going to that store. Generally insect infestations are from somewhere other than the manufacturer, transportation and storage, or even some other product. Not that it couldn’t happen, it’s just not likely.

      • Karyn Errington

        How could larve get into the food through the bag?

        • Glenda Smith

          I am sure it was already contaminated with the eggs.

        • blckswn

          I work in a store that sells bird feed and moths find their way into it. Believe it or not, these bags of food actually do need air, so they are perforated, which easily allows bugs to get into the bags.

    • Kawdie

      Most likely the store dude; Processing factories are always under close inspection and they are usually extremely well sanitized. Also; the food isn’t kept at the factory where it’s produced for more than a day or two. It’s either shipped to a warehouse or sent straight to a store. On-top of that, I know from past experience that you can’t rely on workers (store) to all be stand up people. Just a week ago a friend told me he had to fire 2 pasty chefs because they had 2 week old cakes (like, 30+) displayed on their section. When he asked them what the hell they were doing there (He asked them this while they were taking an unscheduled break) they replied “We haven’t had the time”. The time to check that almost all of their display was past it’s sell by date? That’s just some people being irresponsible. It’s probably not the stores fault, or the store owners fault. But it could be the store.

  • Marisa

    Wow now I know why my dog will not eat any purina dog food. He just smells it and walk away. I started buying other brands and he eats that. Maybe I should just buy meat and cook it for him. This is a shame.

    • Amorette

      Dogs cannot survive on a pure meat diet. You can do some research and come up with a feeding system but it is not just a pile of meat a couple of times a day.

      • Marus Conner

        Dogs are carnivores!

    • riverdivine

      Smart dog! 🙂 A good brand to switch to, if you’re still looking, is Halo brand/Spot’s Stew. (Comes in the original dry adult kibble in chicken or salmon; there is also grain-free, and a whole line of alternatives..). Made in the USA- ingredients all sourced in the US, as well. (Except for peas, from Canada). Non GMO ingredients, no corn, high quality real chicken or fish (not ‘meat meal’ or ‘meat products’); can get it at Petco. Its the company co-owned by Ellen DeGeneres- they give profits back to animal shelters and other animal welfare groups. And, THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A RECALL! (Unlike all of the Nestle/Purina lines, and all of the rest of the cheap conventional stuff-) . My dog had sporadic tummy issues (diarrhea, etc) until I switched her to this brand- and she hasn’t had these issues since.

      • Karyn Errington

        Purina is crap so is Science diet. So many of the “popular brands are nothing bu junk food. I have friends who show their dogs and participate in agility, Shutzhund and fly ball. Attending a show in 1995, I asked her what that big bag was. She said that is his Ceasar’s food. I had never seen that brand before. She asked me what I fed my dogs – I said “Purina”. OMG! I thought her head would spin off. I changed my dogs food and very soom I saw a change in their coats and energy. It was like magic. My rottie;’s coat became lusterous and and soft, The change was amazing. Then the melamine came along. I was so thankful….

      • Christopher Bhous

        Don’t be fooled by Halo Purely For Pets. Citric acid is used as a cheap preservative in many of their kibble varieties. And guess what? There is your hidden GMO. http://www.nutritionalanarchy.com/2014/04/14/citric-acid-comes/
        Ellen Degeneres and Donna Spector sound wonderful in what they preach on the Halo blog. Dig deeper and read the posts. You’ll find the lies and inconsistencies in what they preach. Apparently Halo can’t keep their answers and information straight.
        RIP Bobo http://www.bobomcmonkey.com

    • shiloh66

      Got to feed more than just meat.I have fed a species appropriate raw food diet for 8 years to my dogs&cat all in excellent health.80% muscle meat 10% bone 10% organ and i feed it all raw never cooked.A healthy dog / cat will have no problems with a all raw diet.I feed a variety of different types of protein.Venison,chicken,goat,rabbit,bison,fish.I quit comercial pet food in 2007 after the melamine poisoning.Never again will I trust any comercial pet food commpany.All they care about is their bottom line and that’s it.Nobody will care more about your pet than you do and certainly not some CEO at a mass producing pet food company.

      • Karyn Errington

        My dogs love veggies too.

    • Kat (animal nutritionist)

      If you choose to feed your dog yourself, please work with your vet to make sure that the proper vitamins and mineral levels are achieved. Blood work should be pulled every six months.

      • Marus Conner

        Vets aren’t taught nutrition. And if they are, the classes are sponsored by pet food companies lol

  • MN Born

    There is something wrong when the packaging costs more than the food! I’m not suggesting we should treat dogs as humans – but we can feed them food product, not just byproducts labeled with glossy whole foods in a picture. I find the commercials and packaging inexcusably misleading.

  • jackie

    I had been feeding one of my dogs Beneful for about a year and just two weeks ago he began vomiting. Took him to the vet and his X-ray/lab reports showed he was in liver failure. I’m blaming Beneful for this. My other dog has been completely fine but it is because I feed her Natures Recipe due to her allergies.

    • FoodSci

      Or maybe your dog picked up leptospirosis like mine or has some other condition and the liver failure had nothing to do with the food. What tests did your vet do that pinpoints the food as the problem?

    • StephK

      My 4 year old Doberman just died of renal failure and the vets kept asking if she drank antifreeze. We live in Florida and no antifreeze anywhere. We tested her for leptospirosis, even the rare strains but all negative. Started feeding Beneful about 8 months ago because she loves their dental treats. Organ failure is hard to pinpoint but my dog was tested for all of them. The vets (general and internal med specialist) could only offer a “these things sometimes happen.”

      • LouWho

        I get not using antifreeze but do you use engine coolant?

        • messickc

          Propylene Glycol is NOT antifreeze. Antifreeze is Ethylene glycol.

          • LouWho

            Very true. My antifreeze comment was in reference to StephK’s comment, not in reference to the article or the lawsuit.

    • Einstein

      Did your vet., check for Chusing diseases ? My dog has been on Beneful for seven years, along with my five other dogs. Only one has had the same symptoms of that this suit states. After lab tests and ultra sounds, he tested possive for Chusing disease. I would like to know more about this. Dogs do get sick, just like people.

  • Aylinne Rivera

    I just took my dog to the vet last morning because this was the food we have her and the bet confirmed it was the food how can I as a pet owner join this claim because it was really devastating seeing my pet very ill

  • lucius

    Propylene glycol is FDA approved for animals and humans? Enought said! Thank you for running this article.

  • Wahinetoa

    My Golden Retriever Mix (Golden & Newfoundland) just had major surgery, removing a 1.5 pound tumor from the liver lobe. Fortunately the biopsy ruled out cancer. We ha been feeding him Beneful since we moved from Alaska to Las Vegas (Oct2011-present). It took about 3 months before the problem started. Extensive scratching, hair loss, excessive drinking 3-4 bowls a day. Took him to he Vet, they ruled out food allergies. All kinds Medications to stop his constant scrating etc ran in to the thousands. Steroids and what not’s. I changed the Dog food at the advise of the Vet (to Blue Mountain-Wilderness). Subsequently the skin improved, thinking that all the medications he was given that would take care of the problem. Unfortunately I changed the Food again to Beneful for Seniors and the mess started again, I still applied medication to his skin to no avail.. On February 17th, 2015 his condition became so bad (didn’t want to drink/eat) that we took him to the Vet, X-ray showed a huge tumor on the liver. The tumor was removed and he is slowly improving, eating small portions and is still on Pain Meds & Antibiotics. This affair set me bak $3,200, I feel bad for those individuals that would have to put their companion down (because of the costs). Well I couldn’t do it.so it’s back to Red Beans & Rice for me until I catch up my bills. BUT THANK GOD I STILL HAVE MY DOG who is Family to me. We must stand together and get this Food taken of the Market. If it’s not good for Cats…why should it be good Dogs????

    • Carol Hill

      My little dog started throwing up on April 22, 2015 in the morning and I called my Vet and had taken her in for an examination. The Vet asked me about the vomit and how many times she had done it, I told her about four times since I called for an appointment and brought her into the Vet. When the Vet asked me what I was feeding her and I said Purina Beneful brand dog food, she then told me that there is a recall on that product. The store I bought it from is still selling the product as I bought it in the afternoon of April 18, 2015. So my dog ate it that evening and right on through until April 22, 2015 when she stopped eating it on her own the night before on April 21, 2015. I didn’t know what was the problem and fixed another bowl of the Purina Beneful brand dog food but she wouldn’t touch it then she started throwing up. Why is that product still in the market’s when so many dogs have died eating Purina Beneful Brand dog food. My baby is home now and didn’t eat anything yesterday. She was not feeling well at all last night. This morning she is just laying in her bed. I did boil some chicken breast meat this morning and made some white rice, then added a couple of table spoons of nonfat chicken broth and gave her. She ate about three
      bites and then just is still laying in her bed. I am praying she gets better.
      Carol Hill from Canby, Oregon.

  • oldcowvet

    Somewhat disingenuous with linking propylene and antifreeze, it replaces the more toxic ethylene glycol which is much more acutely toxic. Also, I have several gallons on the truvk, used all the time in ruminants.
    Just because pooch was eating the food doesn’t mean it caused the disease, but agree it seems too many to dismiss. Like to see hard data vs. anecdotes.

  • paula robinson

    Paula Robinson our dogs were sick from this dog food all 3 of them changed food immediately

  • peanut2441

    I have not taken my dog to the vet, but this may explain what is going on with him. I am not going give him any more of their products. He is just a pickey eater I just don’t know what to get him.

    • Ryan

      what kind of dog is it?

  • Oginikwe

    Wait. Remember this?

    Consumer-Funded Test Finds 11 of 12 Pet Foods Contaminated (01/07/2015): https://www.foodsafetynews.com/2015/01/16000-consumer-funded-test-finds-alarming-contamination-in-pet-food/

    Beneful was one of those 11. I guess this vindicates Susan Thixton.

    • blckswn

      You know it’s very easy to “sway” a result in favour of getting the answer you want.

  • bv

    I was just turned to this information today. This makes me so mad. I’ve been feeding our dogs beneful for awhile now, but just within the last 5 months I’ve been noticing that I have been taking them to the vet more than usual. My frenchie has had serious vomiting and diaherra. It even got so bad to the point that everything that came out was blood. The vets has told me it’s probably bacteria and I’d have to give him antibiotics. That’ll work for the time being and then it’ll happen again next month. My pitbull has had the same vomiting issues and just last night had a seizure. It was the most scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

    I am truly concern about my pets wellbeing after this information. I stopped feeding them beneful today and switched then to blue buffalo. I really hope feeding them beneful for the time that I did, didn’t do too much damage. It would be nice to know if something will come out of this lawsuit for us pet owners who has lost our companions or is going through the effects right now.

    • LouWho

      Sucks your dogs aren’t well and I hope they get better but goodness, work on your grammar son!

  • Dobe lover

    I too just lost my Doberman and she was on beneful. Its heart breakiing too. We did not habe an autoody done but there was no real explanation..

    • Karyn Errington

      Pet food companies know that most people will not have an autopsy done on their pet. It is cost prohibitive in many circumstances and they are not strictly regulated.

  • Lauri H

    My dog has eaten this for years, she did have a giant cancer removed from her belly, and occasionally gets little bumps on her head. She is 14 so I never thought of it. Some days she is frisky but there were times we thought is she dead? She didn’t hear us and I had to shake her to wake her, I never considered any of it cold be tied to anytjing. How would I know? I will change her food immediately.

  • kathy

    I only ever fed my dog beneful and work up Christmas morning 2010 and my yellow lab was dead He was only 8 I just assumed it was his heart or an anysurm after reading all this I’m not so sure. Hopefully this will stop and animal food will have tighter restrictions and animals will not die because of poor products

  • les23117

    I just lost my dog in January 2015 and she ate Beneful dry food as well as the wet stews from beneful and she also had the same symptoms.We had her to the vet every two weeks and she never had any anal problems until we started her on baneful dry food,I didn’t know it then but I agree it was the food.SHAME on baneful……She was like my kids and miss her very much.I hope some how they can prove this in court because I don’t want any more innocent dogs to die.

  • Monkey’s Uncle

    Who is made whole in a class action law suite, the owner of the dog that has been harmed or all the law firm’s listed in the article? My dog stopped eating this stuff last year and has a slow growing lesion on his gum.

    • mnvet

      is the gum lesion related to tooth issues? Not uncommon to see this in dogs with gingival diseases

  • zekwean

    Conventional (GMO) corn is the first ingredient. Chicken by-products, not chicken meat comes next, then more corn and several other grains, leading to a diet of allergens for many a dog. Beneful is a cheap, unhealthy, grain-laden product that is not healthy for dogs.

    • Tron

      chicken by-product meal. That could be the eyes, beek, feet of the chicken…basically, all the un-edible parts for humans are then trucked over the to the pet food processing plant. Then we have phosphoric acid?? That’s what’s in sodas nowadays–why on earth would that be in there? Are all these crazy preservatives so that all the ‘meal’ crap doesn’t go rancid on the way to the consumer?

      • blckswn

        I find it funnyhow people who are the least educated on chemistry are the ones who comment on it most. Are you racist or something? You do realize there are cultures that use what is considered “garbage” by you Americans and eat. It only seems like your own idiotic thought processes is the one that calls that inedible.

        • Tron

          Wow, “you Americans”. Nice! Ignorant, presumptive, and haughty..all rolled into one! What’s next? “You Americans are overweight because of all the crap that you eat”, but no wait… that isn’t crap, it’s perfectly sustainable food used by other cultures. Heaven forbid I complain about the ingredients in my pet’s food. In some cultures, my pet IS their food!
          Anyway, love the reply which borders on a non-sequitur.

          • blckswn

            Wow! Good job on making an assumption on my assumption. You see, I said Americans because this a class-action lawsuit fled in the ONE and ONLY United Stated of America. Believe me, not everything is about you and only you.

        • R.D.

          It’s hard to imagine you would throw the race card out at dog food. What a piece of trash. It’s about feeding our dogs food that does not kill them and you are here to start a fight. Pathetic.

  • Rossmann

    Read the Book “Food Pets Die For” by Ann N. Matrin.

    Ann’s investigation began in 1990 when her two dogs became sick after eating a popular brand of dog food. Ann’s attempt to understand the cause of their illness led her through a maze of government and industry stonewalling, denial and outright lies.

    “Food Pets Die For” is the result of a seven-year investigation by Ann into the multi-billion dollar pet food industry in the United States and Canada. Ann uncovers the unsavory ingredients used for commercial pet food, including diseased and contaminated meat, euthanized companion animals, roadkill, moldy grain, and rancid fat, which are admissible according to government regulations.

    Check out the link for more information.


    The Animal Protection Institute of America has also investigated the commercial pet food industry, and has reached conclusions similar to Martin’s.

    A very eye opening book which has changed the way I feed my pets. I feed my pets human grade food and they are healthier than ever. I will never ever buy Purina products having obtained credible information regarding practices I am not comfortable with.

    • Karyn Errington

      Iams and Purina do animal testing. I read “Food Pet Die For” and “Pet Food Politics” by Marion Nestle Do your research, your dogs life depends on it. The earliest documentation of human/canine relationship dates from about 130,000 years ago. Canines (wolf/dog) ate human refuse and did just fine and came to establish a bond with humans which evolved into dogs which now share our homes. They ate table scraps for centuries, our animals ate what we ate and did just fine. With the rise of prepared pet food and vigorous marketing, human food is now poison for our pets! Perhaps we humans need to rethink our diets and the source of our food. GMOs, anti-biotics, hormones, pesticides are not good for humans or animals. Aside from the known toxicins, onions, chocolate, grape etc, our animals should be able to eat what we eat. It is sure healthier than the unpronouncable indregients in a bag of commerical pet food.

  • Concerned owner :(

    I started freezing my dog beneful about a month ago. She has been lethargic, thirsty, vomiting, and gagging incessantly since. Her stomachs a bit swollen too. She’s a 7 month old dachshund and we love her so much. 🙁 We just took her off and I hope she’ll be alright.

    • riverdivine

      I hope that she’s better since you took her off! :/

  • Causality

    Propylene glycol is a controversial additive used to help preserve the moisture content in some commercial dog foods and it is used in antifreeze. Propylene glycol is less toxic than ethylene glycol. Yet because of its proven ability to cause a serious type of blood disease, such as , Heinz body anemia — propylene glycol has been banned by the FDA for use in cat food. But unfortunately, it can still be used to make dog food. This is the question at hand – it should also be banned from dog food as its ability to bioaccumulate has not been adequately determined in the canine physiology. Perhaps propylene glycol is probably safe — in small, infrequent
    doses. Yet unlike most humans who are inclined to vary their diets with each meal,
    dogs are typically fed the same food on a perpetual basis — meal-after-meal, every day for a lifetime. And it’s that continuous exposure to a synthetic substance like propylene glycol that, as I mentioned, is the question. When my healthy dog died, the very first question the veterinarian asked me, “Did she get into any antifreeze.” The vet had no idea I had been feeding her Beneful – coincidence? Perhaps but very suspicious. I’d like to hear from veterinarians and animal biochemist in this discussion. The accumulating anecdotal data implies a causality worth sincere scrutiny. In the meantime, Purina must remove the propylene glycol from their food… period. It does not need to be in there… it is that simple.

    Pet owners should stay aware of the plethora of non-nutritive additives in dog food… and people food too; look around the world and take note to what the folks are eating that live into their 90’s and even 100’s. Consider reading about the “Blue Zone Project”.

    • Karyn Errington

      Read the ingredients carefully – if you can’t pronounce it – don’t buy it.

  • shiloh66

    The pet food companies can legally lie to consumers.Beautiful colorful packaging and marketing is nothing but lies,lies,lies.

  • Kelly Elaine Williams

    It sounds like the dogs got into something like rat poison. None of the symptoms of propylene glycol toxicity are internal bleeding. Plus propylene glycol primarily affects the kidneys.

    • Animal fan

      Read http://www.examiner.com.au/article/purina-beneful-dog-food-killing dogs according to class action lawsuit.
      “The dogs show consistent symptoms,including stomach and internl bleeding, liver malfunction or failure,vomiting,diarrhea,dehydration,weight loss,seizures, bloating and kidney failure.”
      Propylene Glycol,does result in internal bleeding
      My dearly loved beagle named Daisy died a hoffic death 13 days ago and the cause wase definately BENEFUL.She suffered very badly.Daisy was fit and healthly but had developed a swolledn abdomen over the last 2 months, as well as a vile smell and hair loss.
      Daisy had a massive haemmorrhage. She suffered alll the other listed symptoms
      which developed suddenly over 2 days.
      I have another much loved dog Max critically very ill. H has the same symptoms. My 2 other big dogs Bailey and Molly are also very unwell.My King Charles is very well as he refuses to eat dry biscuits. Disgraceful Purina/ Nestle have a hell of a lot to answer to.

  • Susie

    I have a bag of Purina Healthy Weight Dog Food, which looks exactly like Beneful, and is manufactured by the same company. There is no propylene glycol listed in the ingredients, but I am concerned about other issues related to Beneful that might also be a problem with this Purina food. Have there been any links to similar foods that are manufactured by Purnia, and do not carry the Beneful name?

  • Jacoby

    I’ll never feed my dog this bull sh!t brand again. Does anyone know the safest/cheapest dry dog food i can buy and where?

    • riverdivine

      Probably not the cheapest, but one of the best I’ve found is Halo Brand/Spot’s Stew kibble. Get it at Petco , Whole Foods, etc or online. GOOD ingredients, and all sourced in the US. Never a recall. My Husky has never been sick in the 4 yrs that she’s been on it.

  • Guest

    On the other side of these issues. We use to have Golden’s who got sick on the vet recommended food that cost a small fortune, and also would not eat Purina, until our male got really old and would only eat Purina One, until he died of old age. A few years ago we got a new dog from the ASPCA, and she will only eat Beneful Kibble Type Dog food. In almost 4 years of eating Beneful she has never been sick, and she acts like she is still a puppy. I would bet she is not the only one that has no problems with Beneful It is extremely heart breaking to lose a pet. Maybe it’s more about not wanting to let go, or wanting to blame someone, than what these dogs ate.

  • Lamont

    My friends dog just died,,, he had been eating beneful for the last couple of weeks..

  • Lady

    My now fifteen year old toy poodle was on Beneful from when she was three until she was eleven. When she was about four or five, she began to have seizures. Since switching feed four years ago to a brand where I actually know what all the ingredients are (no soy, no wheat, no byproducts, no corn!), her seizures subsided to the point where she hasn’t had one at all in the last year and a half. She is still on medication as a precautionary measure, with bloodwork done once a year. The veterinarians were never able to figure out why she became epileptic, as it seemingly popped out of nowhere and the seizures started if she ever got into refined sugars (white, brown, honey, molasses… anything). With all this surfacing now, it does make me wonder whether there was a pre-existing condition and this aggravated it, or just plain out made a problem where there wasn’t one.

  • RVT

    Is anyone commenting on this actually in the field of veterinary medicine or in food research and development? A lot of people here seem to “know” a lot but I’m not sure anyone has any real facts. Pets can have any number of diseases which may not be related to food. Don’t follow the herd; get some real information, not just an anecdote about a dog who died.

  • Beverly Robb

    If that is valid then why is it banned in Europe as it has been found to be dangerous? Why is the FDA like the ‘slow child’ in the world … ALWAYS last to catch on. I have 14 dogs that were fine until I switched them to Beneful. Now I have 14 dogs with liver & kidney damage and a wicked gut infection. Do you realize that the FDA is putting it in OUR food too?

  • jayebird

    This is true I feed my dog the same food and she throws up and want it for days she was pregnant and she keeps looing her babies because she want eat

  • Megan Whelpley

    I know we used to feed our dogs Beneful for years, they had fine check ups and blood work, then they didn’t. One was put on Hepatic Food, the other on Diabetic food. Our pug on Hapatic food had normal levels after 6 months but prior his liver WAS effected. We kept having him checked every month or so. I see the class action lawsuite claims toxins that effect the liver. I have to concur!

  • Tron

    Wow, how bizarre, I posted something about the ingredients of Beneful (basically saying how unfit for human consumption it would be), and my post didn’t get approved. Yet, there are tons of unsubstantiated posts about the dogfood killed their pets. Nice job moderator!

  • Amy

    I am extremely upset to read all of these comments about the illness and loss of beloved pets due to eating Beneful dog food. I have never been one to just jump on the band wagon about a particular issue, but having experienced the same thing with my lab, I can’t help but feel strongly about this. He is ten, and for most of his life he has eaten Purina One chicken and rice, which he has never had any problems with. This past summer, I decided to buy a bag of Beneful Original because the store was out of his normal kind, and I thought since it was made by Purina as well that it would be fine…not to mention that it was a little less expensive, which seemed nice at the time. I think I purchased it at least two more times after that, having no clue what it was doing to my sweet dog. Just like many others have mentioned, Luke started with throwing up in huge amounts, and started wetting the floor…something he hadn’t done since he was a small puppy. Then one day, he could not lay down at all. Every time he attempted to, he would whine in pain. His vet’s office was closed, so I researched what it could be, and everything pointed to “bloat”, so I called the emergency vet because I read it could be life threatening. She said if it was bloat, and he didn’t have surgery, he would probably die by the next day. I am a single mom, and paying two or three thousand dollars for pet surgery wasn’t an option. It sounds crazy now, but I gave him a Pepcid and took him for a long walk, and just prayed that it wasn’t bloat. I ended up giving him a Benedryl as well, hoping it would make him tired enough to lay down, which he hadn’t done all evening. I didn’t sleep a wink that night, and that next morning he was better. During the next few weeks, he continued to throw up and have diarrhea off and on, and could not get enough water. Then, out of nowhere, he started having seizures. I had never seen a seizure before, so I didn’t recognize it…I thought he was just dying in front of us and it was the worst thing I had ever seen. As soon as he recovered, I took him to the vet and was told it was probably a brain tumor. We didn’t start seizure medication until after he had a few more because they said once he starts it he has to take it the rest of his life. He has been on seizure meds and steroids for about six months now, and his personality has totally changed. He is food obsessed (way more than usual), and eats everything he gets a hold of, food or not. After reading about other’s pets having seizures after eating Beneful, I believe that this is what caused Luke’s as well…it can’t be that big of a coincidence. I am contacting our vet tomorrow about it to see what she says. The only good thing if it is true, is that my precious old pup doesn’t really have a brain tumor. I am warning everyone I know about this.

  • Jo

    My Shih Tzu was fed Beneful for at least 10 years. Last summer began vomiting and diarha. Blood tests showed Liver and Kidney failure. Don’t know if it was the food, but we switched him to Hills Science Diet. While damage is permanent, he is surviving and doing much better.

  • Brenna

    We adopted a puppy almost one year ago. He would only ever want Beneful so that’s what we gave him. Thanksgiving this last year he started seizing badly one after the other. My husband took him to the vet who put him to sleep (he had a lot of physical problems also, knees and hips) and the vet came back and said he had something wrong with his liver also. He wasn’t even a year old.

  • Debbie

    My Great Dane passed away last night and a friend recommended that I research bentiful, reading all the articles it saddens me that “faith” to must have been a victim of bentiful poisoning ingredients!!
    She was a very healthy and strong dog till about three weeks ago she had not been eating well and was not as active as usual and would drink double her normal amount of water!!

  • Glenda Smith

    I heartily recommend Victor dog food as they use the Yeast Selenium instead of the Sodium Selenite which is very controversial. Just go to their site and check them out. It is usually sold in Farm stores.

  • law warrior

    i contacted beneful. they are sending a refund check for the 2 large bags i have been feeding my dog all her life.
    Purina is stating there is no bases for the law suit, but it is in Circut court that means for anyone not familiar with law, this suit is in an appellate court. it means all and any action prior, this law suit began in a lower court and has made it’s way into a higher court. That means all evidence has to be proven in a court of law to be credible with bases or the circuit court would not be hearing this case.
    It is very likely IF a dog eats this dog food once in a while they won’t be bothered. But a dog that eats this every day for years the kidneys cannot process or expell the toxicity levels that build up, especially in a dog that has eaten that brand dog food it’s entire life span.
    Purina is sending a refund check and I will never feed my dog another scrap from this company. Purina makes food for horses, which I have 2, fortunately I have never fed my horses any product other than hay.
    Advice to anyone who either has been feeding their dog (s) Beneful, STOP!
    Don’t be one of those willing to sacrifice your animal for hopes getting included in some lawsuit! IF YOU DO, IT IS ANIMAL CRUELTY that does come with a felony conviction if found guilty. There is a time stam. and anyone choosing to feed their dogs after this lawsuit information has been posted, shame on yoyou.
    just because Purina has not, will not do a recall, at this stage of this class action suit, meaning many people have become PLAINTIFF, if Purina were to pull this product it would be them admitting guilt. They have been told by their attorneys no doubt, do not do a recall ergo prove the case for plaintiff’s side and the case would be won. Purina is not going to do a recall for litigious reasons, strategy purposes, so people, IF you’re concern about your pets, just stop feeding this food. Call Beneful get a refund and move on. Be happy for those whose dog is not sick yet, don’t play God with yout dogs life thinking you’ll get some payday. 5 million is not a lot of money after attorneys get paid and there are several firms involved, high dollar attorney’s who each will get 40% per client, each plaintiff will get the medical bills paid, their time, cost,etc. Any other’s trying to join, you might be lucky to get a check for 50.00. You’d all who have a bag be better off calling Beneful 888 236 3385 ,give bar code, date code on bag(s) get a check and move on.
    The amount of Propylene Glycol 25mg for each Kilogram of body weight, in my case, my dog has been eating Beneful all her life starting with Beneful puppy food. She is a large dog and eats 2 times per day. Thr past several months i’ve noticed she has thrown up, drinks a lot, pees a lot which because 3 of my cats all died similar, I figured it is my water. Do not rule this factor out.
    Any toxic material being fed to animals, they might be okay for several years which Purina is claiming, but when an animal builds up so much toxins, they begin showing signs of illness. My cats all ate Purina brand cat food, they all died from kidney failure. I never correlated. propylene glycol. Now I do, my dog is showing signs of posioning. I am feeding her people food, chicken,rice vegetables and hope the damage is not permanent. She being 8 years old could be sealing her fate from eating this horrible dog food. The FDA says humans can engest, but the amount a human would need to eat to become toxic would never happen ergo, FDA claims it is not harmful. Use your own judgement people, FDA is an agency getting paid to approve food items for companies who are making billions of dollars paying those in the FDA to approve those food items. The FDA is like saying everything Obama has done is good for the American people..We all know thatbis just not the case either.
    Boycotting is the easiest, less harmful means to put any company out of business. So people, use your God given right and use your democratic process to boycott Purina and how ever many millions of companies using propylene glycol in products the FDA claims is safe.
    Boycotting in the 70s worked, why our society stopped and has been believing everything said on the Internet to be true, use your heads, be smart, gain information through credible resources. Don’t just be sheeple and follow others who assume things.
    Stop feeding this brand and any other brands of people and pet foods with propylene glycol. Don’t keep putting your money in the pockets of these multibillion dollar companies who don’t care if your pet,family member dies from some ingredient the FDA says it is not harmful. Trust yourself…save your pets.
    I may not be able to save my Mazzie, but I will never purchase or feed another pet any Purina product again.
    Good luck to those whose pets have shown symptoms, it isn’t your fault for trusting a brand name who claim your pets are important to some corporation whose bottom line is money not our pets.
    God help our pets being affected.

  • Letitia

    Wow, I’m just seeing this and we had to put our dog down about a week ago. Beneful was the only type of food we gave him. I’m crush

  • lynn

    I had a red nose bitbull, not older then 6 months. We found him abandoned and took him in 3 months ago. 4 days ago he began throwing up, and diarrhea. We took him in after he began to poop blood and coulnt get the vomiting to stop. With the vet not keeping him over night and sending this non walking dog home with young adults, to administer a iv under the skin, 5 hours later the dog died. He was eating puppy food from beneful. All the symptoms ive seen on this article are the same. Unfortunately the vet didnt draw any blood work, and now is buried in my back yard. My son and his family are devistated over loosing such a happy dog. I know pit bulls have a bad rap sheet, but this one played with my pomeranians like he belonged with them. We will miss him, and I only wish I could know for sure that the dog food wasnt to blame.

  • Rhonda Erdmann

    I Just Lost my Pomaranian Tazzi . She would of been 8 yrs.Old on 7-5-2015 She had these same symtoms. We got the Results Of her Blood work a few hours after she passed away. Her Vet said her kidneys had so much Toxin in them that it was though she had been fed anti freeze for a long period of Time! We are Devastated! Rhonda Erdmann Gilbert Az

  • mary m

    Hi my baby piko boy i had to pu down last nigh f2f i feed beneful original dog food after all t b e signs i have read my were the same symptons ihave his brother still i took the food and bowels away but it was to late for piko boy ty he vet kept him for three days i brought him home easter of this year he never mede throughg the vet said all the treatments we ‘re e not. Guaranteed he will be 6 on the 20 of april he is still youn he was my baby piko boy

  • Rambo

    I have been feeding bothe my dogs beneful for the past 2 almost 3 yrs and I take them to the vet on a regular basis and not once have thy ever encounter a problem because they ate beneful dog food….so I don’t think it happens to ever single dog breed…i feed the Iams also…just my opinion.

  • Karen Kaylor Engstrom

    We bought beneful 2 weeks ago ..2 weeks later our healthy 150 lb Alaskan malute hadva seizure and suddenly died!!!! How many more dogs are going to die before they recall this shit??? I will never buy Purina anything anymore…this company doesn’t even care it is killing peoples pets!!!!!

  • Ashley Zamora

    My dog which is now 7 years old became very I’ll in 2013 to 2014 was eating beneful. I changed her food because my sister fed her dog the same food and her dogs nearly died one dog she spend over 3000 saving it’s life. The vet told her although there has been no proof the food is bad MANY animals have died eating purina beneful or gravely I’ll he recommended changing the food. So we all did luckily her dogs got better as did mine. They need to take it off the shelf!!!

  • Charles Lanier

    I had 3 of my dogs die from that it was like they was being poisoned that was all I feed them i would like to join the lawsuit

  • Trish Thomas-Benbow

    My sweet little eats this dog food now she is kidney failure please help me, what can I do?

  • Trish Thomas-Benbow

    Propylene glycol
    Propylene Glycol – Dog Food Aid or Automotive Antifreeze?
    Propylene glycol is a controversial additive used to help preserve the … For this important reason, pet owners may wish to consider the potential long term …

  • Halo Harris

    This is a multi-national company preying off people and the FDA allows this. Why because of the big bucks. The dog food on the bag looks like there are fresh vegetables and meat when in fact what this batch of chemicals contain are artificial coloring agents and fillers to make a concoction stick together and then its put threw a machine to make it look like vegetables to deceive the consumer. Then some cheap vitamins are added. The food is mostly sugar. How silly to think that the dog knows that these shapes are supposed to be vegetables. What do people think that they are getting when they purchase this garbage. The only ones benefiting from this excuse the pun is Purina who sells this.

  • Debbie Smith

    I have given my dog Beneful for the past year or longer and he started having seizures and has had ongoing colitis for the past year. We stopped feeding it to him a couple months ago because the Vet told us it was a junky food and to switch to Ideal Balance.

  • Trixie-Giggles Troxel

    what about the dog treats? Are they safe for the dogs to eat?

  • DeAnn Diermyer

    is the wet food on recall ?

  • Mr. Hood Cleaner

    I recently fed my dog Beneful and he became sick. We have a Vet appointment today. He has been throwing up and lost his appetite. Last time I buy a dog food on sale.

  • Jennifer

    Had any one seen dry spots and black scabs almost like an allergy to the food? I’ve been feeding my dog beneful for a month and a couple weeks ago she started getting scabs on her neck?

  • Char Rowley

    I have 3 dogs and after feeding them this dog food ” purina beneful” they got sick. Chester my deer head chihuahua was the first to get sick. He had blood and mucas in stool, lose of appetite and increased thirst. I took him to the vet and the found a hole in his intestine and bleeding internally. I tried to save him with a very extensive surgery, he died 3 days after. Now my sweet little Leelah, a chug, is now showing the same symptons. I will have to put her down because I dont want her to suffer like Chester did. I am going to make sure that Purina takes responsibility for their negligence. I would like to hear from anyone who has had to go through this. My kids are devastated with grief. Chester died in my daughter’s arms. Please email me if you’ve had this happen to any of your loved pets. ” charrowley@yahoo.com“.

  • Dan Chaase

    Remember back a few years there was a problem with Chicken Jerky for dogs made in China.
    At the time I had just bought a new package of Purina that said made in USA on it. I called Purina and the operator read very carefully a prepared statement. As I recall it said that Purina thoroughly tests all things coming in to be made into food etc etc. This statement clearly to me was written by lawyers. I threw out the package I had.

    Move ahead a few years, there was an article in the paper about settlements from the companies marketing these treats. Included in the list was PURINA. Of course, there was no guilt assigned in this settlement and amounts were not disclosed.

    I honestly do not believe Purina’s statement on this at this time. I was feeding Beneful to two large dogs who seemed to be OK with it, but I have switched brands as I do not believe the executives of Purina.

  • Marus Conner

    Why are you all still feeding your dogs that dried out filth?? Dogs are carnivores and eat raw meats to for protein! Please do your dogs a favor and do some research on the dangers of pet food. that stuff contains all kind of carcinogens, euthanasia chemicals, grains and “meat meal” which is a code word for rotten meat from slaughter houses.

    I started doing research about BARF. Biologically Adequate Raw Feed for our 2 dogs. Just 3 weeks after beginning their raw food their teeth cleaned up. i can’t even imagine going back to that filthy food they sell you as premium food. Nothing but lies from this industry and the same people who make this food are the same big 4 food companies who lobby against having human food labeled as GMOs.


  • gunilla pratt

    my dog just died from liver failure. I spent $4000. on trying to keep him alive. He ate the Beneful dry dog food.

  • DF

    All cheap dog food has propylene glycol in it especially if it has chewy bits in it. Glycol is used as a softener and it is used in things like soft chewy cookies that people eat all the time. Food grade glycol is not dangerous or toxic. Many people confuse it with ethylene glycol which is old style anti-freeze and is toxic to animals and humans. IMHO, dog food like Beneful is not harmful unless your dog has an allergy to things like gluten. Cheap dog food is basically planet based and is full of stuff like corn and wheat which is loaded with gluten and has absolutely no nutritional value for dogs or any other carnivore.
    If you want to feed your dog decent food stick with brands like Fromm, Orijen, Merrick, or Canidae; you will pay more but you really can’t go wrong with either of those. As a side note stay away from Blue Buffalo, don’t believe the hype and it is not what it is cracked up to be. It’s grossly over priced for a mass produced dog food and in many ways it is no better than Purina or some other crap brand.