A strain of avian flu has been found at a Foster Farms turkey ranch in Stanislaus County, CA, the company announced this past Saturday. It’s the first time the virus has been found in commercial poultry since 2004. According to USDA policy, the ranch was quarantined and the animals are being killed to prevent the virus from spreading to other commercial and migratory flocks. The Modesto Bee reports that federal agriculture officials said the strain is H5N8, which is not known to harm humans. Foster Farms said that the discovery was due to its “ongoing early detection program for avian influenza as part of its stringent testing and biosecurity program,” and that no poultry products in the marketplace have been affected by the outbreak. At least 68 countries have placed restrictions on imports of U.S. poultry since avian flu strains were found in backyard chicken and guinea fowl flocks in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.