A study in Turkey has found nearly 40 percent of chicken products sampled contained Salmonella.

Researchers investigated prevalence, antibiotic resistance, and genomic diversity of Salmonella in raw poultry meat products across Turkey.

A total of 293 samples were collected, including chicken breast, skinned drumstick, skinned chicken chop, wing, chicken offal

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Ukraine has made progress in boosting food safety despite the war, but there are still areas that need improvement, according to a European Commission assessment.

Several reports on countries trying to become EU member states cover various sectors and developments in the past year in Serbia, Moldova, Turkey, Ukraine, and

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The European Commission is to change the rules around the presence of ethylene oxide in food additives.

A revision was made because of the challenge in enforcing the current law because of a lack of clarity on the source of ethylene oxide in food additives. In the EU, use of

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