Chinese media are reporting that workers at a Subway sub-sandwich fast-food chain outlet in Beijing were doctoring expiration labels and serving meat and vegetables beyond their expiration date. Subway officials stated on Monday that they were investigating the claims, according to Reuters. Subway is just the latest in a recent string of fast-food chains with alleged problems related to expired food in China. In July, a Chinese TV report exposed the same practice apparently occurring at Chinese McDonald’s and KFC outlets. That scandal traced back to a subsidiary of U.S. food supplier OSI Group. McDonald’s made a high-profile decision to cut ties with the company for its Chinese operations. Ultimately, six employees of the subsidiary were arrested for their alleged involvement in mixing outdated meat with fresher supplies. The subsidiary, Shanghai Husi Food Co., also supplied food to Chinese franchises of other big-name chains, including Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Burger King and 7-Eleven. Subway would not confirm or deny the reports on Monday, stating that the company needed more time to investigate the claims. Regulators in Beijing have also launched an investigation.