Residents of California and Washington state who allege they fell ill with E. coli infections after eating salads purchased from Trader Joe’s last year have filed lawsuits against the retailer. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention counted 33 people from 4 states who fell ill with E. coli infections after eating salads or wraps manufactured by Glass Onion Catering in October and November of last year. The salads and wraps were sold by Trader Joe’s and other retailers. Attorney Bill Marler represents 6 plaintiffs who have filed lawsuits in connection with the Glass Onion Catering E. coli outbreak. He said that while Trader Joe’s was not named as a defendant in two lawsuits filed against Glass Onion Catering last year, his firm made the decision to add the retailer as a defendant in all lawsuit brought on behalf of plaintiffs who purchased salads or wraps at Trader Joe’s stores. “Retailers need to be held accountable for what they sell,” said Marler, whose law firm, Marler Clark, underwrites Food Safety News. Marler’s clients include 4 California residents and 2 Washington residents who allege that they were part of the Glass Onion Catering E. coli outbreak. One of his clients is a California woman who developed hemolytic uremic syndrome, a complication of E. coli infection that can lead to kidney failure. “In my opinion, over the last two decades retailers have begun to care less about the safety of what they sell just as long as it sells.  Retailers now try to push blame for the sale of tainted food that sickens customers onto everyone but themselves,” Marler continued. “That needs to stop.”

  • Stan T

    “…..In my opinion, over the last two decades retailers have begun to care less about the safety of what they sell just as long as it sells…” Not sure if that statement is true. Retailers have become more conscious and have spent more resources in the last 2 decades (esp after the 1993 O157 outbreak) on food safety.

  • Ray

    You want food safety ? Lets have GMO labeling.

  • Stephen Hayes

    if we keep suing stores soon there won’t be any good places to buy, people need to realize the corporate farms are a big part of the problem, you want safe and fresh grow it yourself

  • svfoxhotmail

    No they haven’t. I know a whistleblower personally and he can go on for 5 hours on how laws have been gutted. His latest is chickens being sent to china and then back to usa and sold , some as organic. I will not eat chickens now. You can’t even find out where the Chicken was processed because the food industry passed a law prevent labeling!!! So f you and your stupid paragraph. I won’t tolerate stupidity any longer.

    • Marc

      If you do not work in the food industry all you have is opinion conjecture… Speaking as a manufacturer of Food, there is no room for corner cutting. The regulators breath down on us almost daily to ensure we are following the rules. As they should. None of us in food manufacturing (of an level of character) wants to stand in front of a camera and announce we have killed someone because of our behavior… Some of us see this industry as a calling and responsibility to protect the consumer from harm.. All those who do not believe that should go sell tires

      • svfoxhotmail

        That is why millions were spent gutting the food safety act Obama passed a few years back.

  • grocery geek

    If I understand the Bill Marler correctly, retailers ought to be liable for unsafe products they sell, regardless of whether or not they know of problems. Huh.
    I (through practical experience) believe that retailers are actually doing more now than ever before to ensure the food they sell is safe. It’s in their best interest. Even if they don’t get sue, no one can afford to lose a customer. My feeling is that, in this case, the lawyers realize that Trader Joe’s has deeper products than Glass Onion Catering.

  • Tired of GMOs

    Hummm so does this mean all of us (anyone that unknowingly partook of GMO foods and was made unwillingly part of Monsanto’s Human Lab Rat experiments caused to suffer ANY of the ill proven effects caused by such) the right to sue Monsanto, the USDA, ect… ect…. ect…. just saying what the hell is going on that we are knowingly being killed off and not slowly either!

  • Marc

    As a manufacturer for retailers, I can tell you that they are considerably more disciplined on their expectations of a food safe product. retailers are adding food safety managers to their staff and employing myriad of outside auditors to ensure food safety. I would have to agree that they are going after Trader Joes because of the deeper pockets… Tragic really because the consumer will eventually have to cover the cost of this through price increases.. who really wins?

  • V

    While eating, I found an acrylic fingernail tip in Trader Joe’s frozen almond paste croissants. I was disgusted questioning; where’d the other nine go?
    I didn’t expect to pull a long black hair out of my mouth from their pesto pizza either. These are common complaints Trader Joe’s receives about their products, which they readily fluff off. The F.D.A. said they have little control over foods prepared,processed, frozen and package then shipped to the U.S.
    Trader Joe’s receives thousands of complaints like these on individual products. They are happy to refund your money but do little to take the product off the shelf. I suppose it’s cheaper to engaged in a law-suit than actually change products to U.S. facilities where sanitation guide lines, laws and health codes are observed.