Kylee Young was 23 months old when she contracted an E. coli O157:H7 infection from drinking raw milk. The illness hospitalized her for months, caused her to have a stroke and eventually required her to receive a kidney transplanted from her mother.

Kylee’s parents, Jill Brown and Jason Young, are now speaking out to urge other parents not to feed raw milk to their children, as children are especially vulnerable to foodborne pathogens potentially present in unpasteurized milk.

“There might be some benefits of raw milk, but there are huge risks,” said Brown, Kylee’s mother. “There needs to be more public awareness that this is a high-risk food. If I had known what I know now, I would never have fed it to my daughter.”

The owners of the family dairy that supplied her milk, Brad and Tricia Salyers, also suffered through four of their five children contracting E. coli infections. Like Kylee’s parents, they, too, are warning parents not to feed raw milk to their children.

Food Safety News published an in-depth story on Kylee’s experience yesterday: “A Mom and Dairyman Plead: Don’t Feed Children Raw Milk”

To help inform other parents about their family’s experience, Brown and Young participated in a video interview with videographer Terry Tainter. Watch it below:

  • flameforjustice

    I refuse to look at a child suffering. I will not drink raw milk and pass the word to everyone I care about and/or know not to drink and especially give raw milk to minors.

  • flameforjustice

    I didn’t look at the video but I did listen and it’s heartbreaking to hear her parents speak about what happened, is happening and what will happen to their daughter in the near future. I can only hope science and/or the medical profession will find something to help this child soon so she won’t have to endure this for the remainder of her life. I wish for them the very best in these heartbreaking times and that their marriages and family stays intact and filled with love for each other and their family as a whole unit.

  • js

    My heart goes out to this family. I am all about health but raw milk always scares me – why? Because they have been pasteurizing for so long…. There is a good reason for it! I am glad that these parents are speaking out! kudos to them.

  • Sarah

    I grew up on a dairy farm. I had Raw milk from the time I was old enough to drink, till I left for college. I am truly saddened by their tragedy. I am just wondering how many dairy farmers kids get sick from drinking there family milk? Not one I have ever heard of. Know where you get your product.

    • hemp

      Thousands of people skydive every year and are not injured; that doesn’t make it a safe activity. Anecdotal evidence is not sufficient for making well informed decisions. There is no way for a farmer or consumer to know whether any of the cows’ udders, milk tracts, or the farmer’s transmission equipment are infected with dangerous pathogens. So while it may be perfectly safe one day, that does not mean it is still safe the next.

      • Amor Rays

        Actually there are tests.