The Chinese branch of Wal-Mart super stores is issuing a recall of donkey meat products after some of it was found to contain fox DNA. The “five spice” donkey meat is considered a delicacy in parts of China. Fox meat is not – but it is cheap, as foxes are commonly bred in China for their fur. Someone from the supplier’s factory has already been detained on suspicion of fraud, according to news reports. China is no stranger to food controversies, including a 2008 scandal involving milk and infant formula tainted with melamine that sickened an estimated 300,000 people, including 54,000 hospitalized babies. Wal-Mart’s Chinese stores have also earned some notoriety stateside for allegedly carrying products of questionable food safety quality, including raw meat available to grab with bare hands, sets of ribs sitting in the open air, and live frogs and turtles. Wal-Mart has more than 400 stores in China.

  • Carlene Avis Joy

    Oh my be glad we live in the United States.

    • Steve the All-Father

      yeah. because mcdonalds meat is SO much better….

    • Oginikwe

      Start reading your labels–lots of our food comes from China and almost all of our vitamins. And, they are on deck to process chicken for our major food companies.

  • LoriBabcock

    400 walmart stores in china! how big does this company have to be?? why would a company that size care, they never suffer repercussions’ from what they do. Buy Local from producers you know!

    • Oginikwe

      400 Walmart stores that, ironically, are unionized.

      • LoriBabcock

        WOW, could NOT be more ironic. The largest communist country with a unionized labor force at Walmart, a company that would rather burn its facility to the ground than allow a union in the supposedly largest democratic country! Stunning.

    • whackamole

      Fun fact: there is a circle in China which contains more people inside it than outside of it. By a factor of 3-4 times.

  • Clarissa. fed up.

    china is on are can goods. plastic bottle…and God only knows what else.if you by apple juice look on the bottle.made in carful.

  • Mac

    Are all the rats used up?

  • Barb3000

    I haven’t bought any food of any kind that comes from China in years. That country and India are on my boycott list. This is what happens to the bodies of the mink, foxes and other animals that are skinned alive for their fur, its simply ground up and added to the other messes that pass for food in that country. Buy local if you can as most of our winter vegetables come from Canada and Mexico. Check labels sometimes you have to look close to find the very tiny words China somewhere on the bag. If you can’t find it email the company whose name appears on the bag or can and ask them where the product came from. Watch the dollar stores because a lot of their canned food comes from China.

  • BT

    Interesting thing about this is the responsible party has been detained and if it turns out like the melamine someones head will roll. Literally. Perhaps one or two handled like that here and we would have fewer problems.

  • Cory Baron

    The exposure perils of doing business in a country with little respect for property rights. Regardless, who did the testing and how?

  • tyrannicaljack38

    I believe there is suspicion of human meat in Chinese products that are being checked for DNA..

  • LoriBabcock

    Even more amazing and ironic that Walmart can not prevent Unions there, when they are so successful at preventing Unions here in a democracy.

    • eYeDEF

      LOL! Great point. They probably haven’t figured out the way around their political system yet to know how to play it adeptly like they do here with all their lobbyist money and recruiting of influential politicos to sit on their board. I’d be willing to bet it will just be a matter of time before they do though. There’s too much corruption and graft throughout their economy for them not to finally figure out how to grease the skids.