The seven-member Clark County Commission is the target of a new lobbying campaign to open the Las Vegas market to the sale of milk that has not been pasteurized. Raw milk sales in Nevada are currently limited to counties with local raw milk commissions, and Clark County has not established one. Earlier this year, the Nevada Legislature overwhelming voted to allow raw milk sales statewide from any county with a raw milk commission, but Gov. Brian Sandoval vetoed the bill. It would have permitted raw milk produced in neighboring Nye County, which has a raw milk commission, to be sold in Clark County. According to a report in the Las Vegas Sun, there is a large underground market for raw milk in “Sin City,” with inventory being shipped in from Utah, Arizona and California for brisk sales conducted in out-of-the-way residential areas. And, the demand is enough that raw milk advocates are not giving up on making it all legal. They want Clark County commissioners to establish a raw dairy commission. But gaining at least four of those seven votes may be harder than it was to get 57 of Nevada’s 63 state lawmakers. Clark County health officials are against it, and even Commissioner Tom Collins, a rancher favorable toward raw milk, does not “want to see tourists not come here for fear our milk isn’t good.” For the present, that means that the only legal sales of raw milk to be found in Nevada are in Nye County.