The Chilean chicken recall for dioxin contamination expanded Thursday, with the amount being held at the U.S. border growing from 126,000 to 155,595 pounds. Still, some of the product reached U.S retail shelves. According to USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, the total amount of chicken involved in the recall has reached 347,637 pounds, up from almost 200,000 pounds reported on July 31. In addition, FSIS has found 188,042 pounds of the Chilean chicken was distributed to USDA-inspected establishments for further processing and then through a distributor to retailers in Florida, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico. Chile’s Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture are managing the recall and conducting investigations. FSIS effective checks tracked where the chicken went, including the product stopped at the border and the amount that went to further processing and reached retailers. Dioxins are toxic environmental contaminants that are both naturally occurring and produced by industrial activity. Wildfires and volcanic activity can also contribute to dioxin levels. Chile’s chicken recall is due to dioxin exceeding that country’s levels, not those set by the U.S. All the recalled product is from an establishment in San Vicente, Chile, which is tracked by its establishment No. 0608. Since being recalled by Chile, the chicken is considered adulterated and unfit for human consumption under U.S. law.